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About SkyPirl 2.0

Pirl has migrated from it's original protocol ( ethash ) and it's now based on substrate.
Pirl 2.0 is fully decentralised and is managed by the community using democracy modules.
This new version of Pirl is a continuity of the initial idea. The major changes are:
  • New monetary policy
  • decentralised treasury
  • validation of the blockchain using Validator node
  • staking ( you can nominate a validator and stake on top of it )
Welcome to Pirl 2.0
PIRL is a nPOS ( nominated Proof Of Stake ) community based blockchain with decentralized governance. The community decide the direction of the chain.

🏛 Governance

The governance is in the hands of Pirl community, all in-chain they can drive the direction of it. Safe, Transparent, Decentralized.
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🏦 Decentralized Treasury

Treasury is 100% decentralized controlled by the community. Treasury will allow funding for every project that want to build on top of Pirl 2.0. Treasury get 80 % of network transaction fees.
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The core of nPOS algorithm is running validators, initially started with 100 slots available. Reward generated by the chain and 20% of transactions fees.


Nominators secure the chain adding stake on top of the Validator. They earn a percentage of the reward by locking PIRL in the chain.
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All accounts actions are available using online explorer dashboard, enabling cross device compatibility without compromise.
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SkyPirl Network is a self-sustaining and self-funded blockchain ecosystem not financed by pre-mined coins or an ICO. SkyPirl Pirl Rumhaus

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