Thousand Contributors Programme

The Thousand Contributors Programme is an initiative maintained by Web3 Foundation's Technical Education and Support team to offer an off-chain contributor program to support and reward community contributions. The program focuses on rewarding contributors in the areas of technical education, community, and support that relate to the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems.

How to Participate

You can signal your intent to participate by:

  1. Choosing a task from this list of open tasks

  2. Then fill out this typeform


Once you have submitted your contribution proposal, the team will:

  1. Evaluate. Your evaluators will differ depending on which area you want to contribute.

  2. Accept or deny. Once we review your proposal, we will get in touch with you about the status.

  3. Define your delivery. All tasks will have different delivery requirements; we will communicate what your contribution needs to fulfill.

  4. Fund. Once both parties finalize the delivery of the task, the team will deposit your rewards to the account shared with us.

Submission reviews

The review process follows the present pipeline in the 1KC public GitHub project.

Learn more about the program and its components on the official 1KC repository

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