With the development of technology devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc., it is easier and easier for users to access entertainment games. If not talking about the harms caused by the abuse of games, the benefits that entertainment games bring are not small. In this article, I will reveal to you the benefits of playing games that not everyone knows.

1 Practice good observation and quick reflexes

Research published in the scientific journal Scientific Reports, longtime gamers, especially in the action genre, have good observation and quick situational reflexes.

When playing action and tactical games, it requires skills to use flexibly keeping hands and eyes, while stimulating the brain to analyze and process situations in the game.

2 Learn perseverance and increase teamwork

Taking on the challenges that the games require will train you to have the perseverance to tackle any hurdles if you want to win the game. Especially with team strategy games, it will help you increase teamwork, think good gameplay, coordinate better and more rhythmically.

3 Rich imagination, increase creativity

A study conducted by Michigan State University (USA) in 2011 proved that playing games will significantly increase creativity. It's not wrong for parents to ban their children from using electronic devices, but it shouldn't be equated with the fact that a child's damage is caused by playing video games.

3 Helps to enhance eyesight, improve your vision

It sounds absurd but convincing, as long as you don't stare at the screen for a lot of time, playing video games can actually help with better eyesight.

In a study published by the science site livescience, game players were able to see objects more clearly in cluttered spaces. Because in games, it requires you to have the ability to focus and observe the details and suggestions given, thereby training your brain to see smaller details.

4 Expand your mind to help you learn better

One of the advantages of playing games that I feel most impressive is that it can help expand their thinking and help players learn a few more interesting things, such as foreign languages.

Some games with English subtitles require players to understand all the terminology, plot and content of the game to be able to play. Thereby, helping players' vocabulary increase rapidly and be able to apply it in many different contexts.

5 Reduce stress and reduce depression when mental health declines

“Playing games plays an important role in reducing stress and helping with depression,” as a study conducted by the ECU Biofeedback Clinic proves.

A reasonable gaming time for an average person is about 20 minutes a day. This will help you feel more relaxed and uplifted. In particular, for patients with depression, doctors encourage playing entertainment games to calm the mind and think more positively.

6 Support for the treatment of chronic diseases

This is a study that has been proven by the University of Utah in the US, playing games has the ability to treat a number of chronic diseases, especially those with autism or Parkinson's. When playing games, children will have more interactions and positive actions.

This is also a psychotherapy for patients with cancer or other chronic diseases. Being under a lot of pressure, negative thoughts, as well as physical pain will be significantly reduced when the patient is entertained by his favorite game genre.

So should you play the game?

Excessive gaming abuse will lead to many negative consequences for players' health, emotions and cognition. However, if you play it scientifically, the game brings a lot of positive benefits that you cannot deny.

Hopefully with the sharing of 7 benefits of playing this game will help you have a broader view of the game, play the game in moderation to see that the game really brings value to your life. SkyPirl Pirl Rumhaus

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