Connect to the slot machine

​Studying and working online for a long time on R-H can sometimes make us feel bored. Try to "change the wind" right away with some interesting games on R-H, to make meetings, virtual classes more fun, and create better cohesion between participants.In addition to organizing meetings, learning and online events, R-H also supports the organization of team games. You can play games on your computer. Then share the screen on R-H so others can see the game. The sound of the game will also be broadcast to everyone. But at the same time you can still clearly hear the conversations in the R-H room. If you still don't know which game to organize, immediately refer to the list of the best and most useful R-H games suggested below.​

To Connect R-H to the game, you first enter the decentralized meeting room, then you choose your favorite game.

Instructions to connect the wallet to the slot machine here:

Use the decentralized meeting room for free here:

Game built by Alex Shevlakov SkyPirl Pirl Rumhaus

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