Features that make Room-House.com decentralized chat rooms competitive with giants


_You can create a room that operates 24/7, 365 days a year, and exists forever on the blockchain space. R-H is not just an ordinary meeting room but becomes a decentralized multimedia platform, you can use R-H for many purposes like.

  • Selling online to promote products

  • Livestreams games

  • 1 media channels of content such as politics, science, education....

  • Play online videos like a music channel, an online movie channel

_Security, Decentralization: Using R-H does not need to create an account, there is no personal profile, it is completely anonymous. R-H uses xter safecontainer technology, which is a technology researched by Russian scientists since 2008. xTer is like a black box that protects R-H from all attacks. R-H is a product researched and developed by the xTer team on SkyPirl blockchain technology, security and privacy are always a priority.

Nowadays, multimedia communication is widely used. The two most popular multimedia network applications today are video streaming (real-time video) and video conference (video conferencing).

Real-time video: In Video Streaming is often used in the field of entertainment or teaching, used to store files (video files) or lessons, providing users with utilities such as searching, listing statistics, and the ability to display or re-display video data on demand. Video Streaming is presented in two forms: video on demand and real-time video (live event). Real-time video is video data that is directly converted from real-time data sources (cameras, microphones, video streaming devices, etc.). These data will be broadcast by multimedia into channels. Users will only have access to any favorite channel to display data without performing operations, rewind, stop, etc. on the data. it (like traditional television).

Video conferencing: An interactive activity between video signals, video in real time. It is applied in remote meetings to help participants not waste travel time and still be able to meet each other, but save many other costs. For example, the video conferencing system has been widely applied in universities and research institutes such as organizing seminars, teaching and learning online remotely; in society as well as security and defense; in briefings, exchange of work of units located far apart from each other... It helps to improve collaboration relationships, increase working efficiency, leading to quick decisions. Each video conferencing user will see and hear the other participants.

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