The world's first decentralized audio chat room Room-House

_Long list of companies leaving Russia (..) have to add Zoom / Skype / Google Teams / Whatsap .. and of course it's free space for Room-House. Down with centralized architecture, account profiles, and more.

_On the other hand, we hope to be useful with our proprietary technology in Russia because of giants like Google, Microsoft, maybe Zoom, Skype, etc. Are leaving the country so RH will soon become an official technology at the state level (instead of Skype/zoom). That's a completely possible scenario.

_We will sign next week with a rather large university (about 13,000 students) in Moscow to develop their education system based on our technological system including R-H and xTER. It's time to renew the community's interest in SkyPirl. We will promote Room-House to other universities as a decentralized platform that runs on regular desktop/laptop computers, each serving a small group of people, like a group of students and teachers.

_Room-House is still in the testnet stage, the functions are still quite basic, will add more functions in the mainnet

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