xTer SmartFilter

xTER SmartFilter FREE and Safe web-surfing


FREE Smart Router

Your traffic = Your rules

  • Protected by xTER SafeContainer

  • FREE

  • For Home or Office

  • Plug & Play

  • Advanced and easy management of traffic

  • Green by design

  • Users can earn SkyPirl

Why it is great

Easy and effective tool

Get free what you just can't buy

  • Any computer can become a FREE smart router

  • Advanced management of access to content:

    • Black-List - excluding prohibited sites

    • White-List - only allowed sites

    • AI-added filter and watchdog (pending)

    • No filtering

  • Full and detailed log of traffic

  • Green - works on old computers, incl. without hard drive -> can help decreasing TechWaste

Stay Secure

Strong digital shield

Protect your people and data

  • Excludes any unwanted access from outside to protected perimeter

  • Can restrict access to Dark-Web, incl.:

    • Anonymized communicators (Telegram etc.)

    • Secure web-browsers (Tor and alike)

    • Anonymizing routing applications

  • Provides data to monitor and protect family, employees etc. from unwanted actions & events

How to get

Room-House.com SkyPirl Pirl Rumhaus

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