What is the standard of a professional online meeting room?


Working environment plays an important role in improving productivity and increasing employee's motivation to work. A company with a well-invested working environment can attract employees' commitment as well as enthusiasm to participate in team and group activities. The meeting room environment is the same, especially for online meeting rooms, where fully equipped equipment is required to maximize the effectiveness of group collaboration. So what is the standard of a professional online meeting room? Find out through the article below.

Standards of a professional online meeting room

Equipped with good quality video conferencing system

This seems to be the top requirement for every online meeting room. But you'd be surprised how many people mess around every day using inefficient, slow, or outdated solutions to video conferencing.

There is a lot of software available for remote workers, but if you are a business that often uses video conferencing in a meeting or boardroom scenario then you should invest in some hardware to make the meetings easier. Your meetings are much more productive and much more enjoyable for everyone involved.

As well as video calling, leading online conferencing systems such as Room-House. allow extremely easy remote screen sharing, from multiple devices at the same time if needed. So you can share resources with the whole team, whether your colleagues are sitting in another meeting room or working remotely with a laptop somewhere.

The meeting room has soundproofing, effectively reducing noise

To get the benefits of crystal clear sound that you can enjoy with many good video conferencing systems, you need to consider the acoustics of your meeting space.

Echo is a taboo when it comes to video conferencing. It's distracting, and if you can't hear what everyone is saying, it leads to a seriously disappointing and perhaps rather inefficient meeting.

You can get a variety of noise reduction products, depending on how your video room or meeting space is set up. A lot of meeting rooms have glass walls to increase reverberation, so for closed rooms, a sound-absorbing partition can be placed or a panel can be hung from the ceiling to absorb excess noise. These devices also work well in semi-open meeting spaces, such as this one at rg + p architects.

Flexible interior design

You never know when you need to reconfigure your meeting room, so having flexible furniture makes life a lot easier if you need to move things around.

Modular meeting tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can choose the best solution for your needs. The best thing about using modular furniture is that it can adapt if your needs change over time.

In fact, your entire video room design can change if it's flexible from the start. Our private conference room at WorkLife Central is completely flexible, with removable walls, modular desks, portable power outlets and a portable Clevertouch display system with Starleaf video conferencing software installed. .

This is a flexible meeting space designed, furnished and equipped by us for a client in the agribusiness sector.

Good lighting conditions

A well-lit office can transform your work environment and improve everyone's overall mood. It can lift spirits, increase energy levels, and even relieve stress.

As we mentioned, conference rooms can be used for much more than video calls. So you'll want your light to work in many cases.

Natural light is often preferred because it refreshes people and is better for the eyes. But if natural light is sparse in your meeting rooms, lighting fixtures will do the trick. Smart lighting solutions that can be tailored to changing requirements are ideal for video conference rooms.

If your space has large windows and it may be too bright or too hot, you may want to consider using blinds or other glare and heat reduction options. There are many products on the market, but our team can help you determine which is best for your space.

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