Agency policy

Along with building its image and brand, combined with the application of modern information technology. Room-House is accelerating the speed of covering the network of agents and distributors in the country and the world by offering high-quality products

I. The goal of developing agents, distributors

+ Desire to build long-term partnerships on the basis of commitments to cooperate and share goals.

+ Always look for development opportunities as well as be willing to share business opportunities and interests with you agents.

+ Always pay attention to you as well as always make reasonable adjustments to improve Effective business cooperation of the two sides.

+ Cooperation on the basis for the benefit of both parties

+ Regularly sharing information about products and timely support

+ Fair and reasonable support policies across the entire distribution channel.

+ Commitment to maximum protection for dealers against market fluctuations and competition.

II. Benefits of becoming a distributor

1 High discount

When you become an Agent (Distributor) of Room-House, one of the benefits that you will receive is that our discount rate is higher than many other products. You will be entitled to a percentage discount on the price of the product

  • Dealers are entitled to a discount of 25-30% of the retail price.

  • Be rewarded with cumulative sales of orders incurred during the month according to the bonus mark.

2. Competitive price

Because Room-House's products are calculated to take advantage of cheap server resources, our products in addition to guaranteed quality are also the lowest price and most competitive in the market.

3. Support on product information, solutions

+ Agents are supported to respond to customer feedback about products by phone.

+ Agents can participate in periodic training courses on products, technology and sales knowledge organized by the company. Private training will be provided if required.

4. PR - Marketing support

+ Supported website system for sales work

+ Supported advertising through the internet, other means (if any)... Information about you agents will be advertised with the distributor on the mass media (if any).

+ Be able to participate in all promotions and promote the company's sales. Certified as the official agent of the company.

+ Be updated with information about prices, goods information, products, company policies, marketing programs, sales promotion materials.

+ The two sides also coordinate to promote, promote and sell products through forms such as posting new product information, products with promotions, outstanding products, posting product brand logos, manufacturers and suppliers.

III. The responsibility of the Agent, Distributor

+ Displaying the product on the website or store

+ Retail price for customers to ensure the prescribed retail price of the company. No dumping.​

Room-House General Agents, Dealers and Retail Customers concepts


5 star

Is the object authorized by the company to provide the product with the most favorable price from the company. However, the General Agent needs to comply with the regulations on buying and selling products, achieving sales targets as well as meeting the requirements of the company.

General agents

4 star

For new or former agents at lower levels, enjoy a good preferential price from the company or distributor, request monthly sales according to requirements.

Level 1 agents

3 star

For those who are new or have worked at lower levels of agents, enjoy good preferential prices from the company or general agents, the monthly sales requirement depending on the requirements will be lower than the Total authorized dealer

Level 2 agents

2 star

For target groups from branches or direct users of products who need to trade in products but have little capital. Level 2 dealers will enjoy a higher discount than level 3 agents, but level 2 agents also need to meet the minimum sales target set by the company.

Level 3 agents

1 star

As a collaborator to support sales agents and enjoy discounts based on sales volume, the advantage is being able to participate in the system with a small amount of capital.

individual customers

As a direct user of the product, in case the user buys it or has a long-term need for it (eg schools, companies, etc.), they can still enjoy preferential rates like an agent.


You contact your nearest agent or company for detailed price lists and discounts for each dealer and branch level.


When the customer becomes a Distributor , the dealer level, must reach the monthly sales as the company has set out. In case of decreased sales in the month, the dealer level will be reduced as follows:

For distributors: If the company's requirements are not met as well as the average revenue level for 2 consecutive months is not met as required by the company or the revenue for 1 month is too low (<80% of the requirements) will be cut down to the total agent and ceded to other agents who meet the requirements.

For agents at all levels: If for 2 consecutive months, the revenue is not achieved as required by the company or the revenue in 1 month is too low (<80% of the required) will be cut off the current dealer level and transferred to the lower levels. (Level 1 agent down to level 2 agent, level 2 agent down to level 3 agent..).

For level 3 agents: Within 1 month without an order, it will be cut into retail customers. If you want to return as a branch, you will have to register from the beginning as a new customer.​


The company regularly organizes promotions that promote the sale of each specific product for a certain period of time. The dealer who achieves sales for that product in accordance with the company's target will be entitled to a special bonus in the program.Prizes in each specific program will be mentioned in detail in the plan to run the program.


confirm as we agree that we get 1% of treasury leveled to 10k floor extracted by council every month into this fund, which would otherwise be burned. Then next month we add another 140k and it's (120+140=260k), and so on. People get involved in our agents program and get rewarded from this fund, that's what we agree to do with the sums that get burned each month to level the inflation. SkyPirl Pirl Rumhaus

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