Data collection is a huge industry that operates in the dark

You've probably heard: Google meeting, Messenger meeting room (Facebook), Zoom, Skype, Tiktok, etc know a lot about you through the information they collect during your internet access, or collected through voice AI. So do you need to worry that your data will be sold to another company, or will no longer be private?

In August 2022, a security researcher discovered that TikTok intentionally added additional code to monitor all user input and keystrokes. At the time, TikTok explained that the report was misleading because the app's code had no malicious effect and was only used for things like debugging, troubleshooting, and performance monitoring. The company also said that it used keystroke information to detect spam comments and other behavior that could threaten the platform.

Many of the exposed user voice recordings are natural conversations, while the Google Assistant and other virtual assistant services are said to only start recording after the user speaks a word. wake-up word or phrase, as with Google Assistant it would be "Hey Google" or Apple Siri would be "Hey Siri".

In addition, when you install Facebook, Tiktok, and Zoom applications on your phone, you allow it to access countless private information such as phone book, photo folder... Its algorithm is so smart. the degree to which an image can be described in written language. And the interfered data has a copy to some server in the world to serve another purpose, never the user, the "product" of the free things in the Internet world get the answer. satisfactory word.

Data collection is a huge industry that operates in the dark. Data brokers are companies that collect and analyze publicly available data to build detailed profiles of users. These records can contain information such as whether you own a dog, what brand of tea you prefer, shoe size, what you are wearing, and what kind of information you are interested in.

Is using your data for marketing really a problem? After all, Facebook, Google, Zoom, Tiktok, Skype, Whatapp, etc. Do not share so-called personally identifiable information. Very few businesses would survive today if they couldn't target the right audience. In addition, some consumers find it quite convenient to have ads tailored to their needs.

Says Alex Shevlakov, the Room-House and xTER software developer: As a programmer, I can see that now it is possible to use AI (artificial intelligence) to parse and analyze human speech and behavior. For example, Google uses such technique to analyze people conversations heard by their Android devices to push new ads containing the relevant information. Try it yourselves! just talk about fois gras so that your Android device can hear you, and you'll get Google ads about fois gras very soon. Now just imagine how much a centralized audio/video service like Whatsapp and Zoom can gain by simply writing an AI engine to analyze all it sees and hears from all the people who use these services. And I believe this is what is about to happen very soon or is happening now. This is why you should quit using centralized services. You will have no risk then, and that makes you instantly comfortable. Because if you need video/audio services like Skype/Zoom, there is 99.9% chance you simply don't need Skype or Zoom! We're presenting now our Room-House decentralized media platform, - go get it, and you can talk on video with people you want to, privately, safely, no recording sessions, no AI grabbing your speech, no strings attached. Centralized services will be trying to manipulate every individual who's registered and using their services (hopefully, not) very soon, because if there is a chance to get 1% increase of their profits, they will eventually agree that doing certain unethical things suits their internal policies.

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