Overview of PirlChat 0.5.1–0.6 Beta Versions

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PIRL is a community built on a blockchain platform by people, for people. PIRL is a community-focused blockchain platform utilizing a globally distributed, tiered masternode network that drives the evolution of the crypto space through research, innovation, and dedication.*

The PIRL team strives to create a convenient and functional ecosystem, one of the links of which should be its own messenger - PirlChat. At the time of the release of the review, and this is May 2019, PirlChat is available in beta versions for Android and IOS, you can sign up for beta testing here , you also need to be inPIRL Discord Chat.

We have tested beta versions of PirlChat on Android 4.3, 5.1.1, 8.1 devices. With Android 4.3, testing PirlChat turned out to be extremely conditional, since the smartphone could not find the program on Google Play, apparently a very old version of Android, whether there will be support for such devices is not yet clear.

It was possible to install the program on a smartphone with Android 5.1.1, but things didn’t go beyond registration - the chat didn’t want to work directly. But with the version of Android 8.1, everything worked perfectly, we managed to install the program without any problems, run it, register a new account and restore the one that was created on a smartphone with Android 5.1.1.

After installation, PirlChat will ask you to turn on Screen lock and set a password on your smartphone. Of course, not everyone will like it, but we must remember that this is just a beta version for now. Next, you need to create an account, that is, a new address in the PIRL network. After that, the program will offer to save 24 words, with the help of these words it will be possible to restore the account.

Light and dark themes are currently available.

In order to use PirlChat to the full extent, for example, attach a nickname to the address or send a message, you will need to transfer some PIRL to your PirlChat address. We transferred 1 PIRL and in a moment the program itself detected the receipt, updated the balance. The account received 0.99670771 PIRL, as the network took 0.00329229 PIRL as a transfer fee.

The screenshot shows the change in balance after certain actions.

Since we registered the first account on a smartphone with Android 5.1.1, a recovery procedure was performed on a smartphone with Android 8.1, using the same secret words that are proposed to be saved at the beginning of registration. After the recovery procedure, messages appeared that were sent as a test to a smartphone with Android 5.1.1.

In order to start a chat with someone you need to know his address. If the address is entered incorrectly, the program will report an error. Chat messages arrive almost instantly.

From the settings at this stage are available:

  • light and dark themes;

  • the ability to choose to connect to an American or European server;

  • uploading avatars, deleting data;

  • enable/disable notifications.

To sum it up, PirlChat has been a great experience even though it's a beta version. We are waiting for revision, new features and definitely waiting for the release.

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