How Decentralized Web Browsers Give You Unsurpassed Privacy

Using a decentralized Web browser is how users can regain control of their own data from today's biggest tech companies. Big tech companies take user data and use it for various purposes such as targeted advertising…

Although the Internet and the World Wide Web are the largest decentralized communication systems available, when they focus on a few social networks and messaging applications, it narrows the experience of the Internet. The internet is being controlled by a handful of global tech giants who are starting to monopolize everything we do online.

In fact, a handful of companies, such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Tencent and Amazon dominate the global region, they are taking control of communication to an unprecedented degree. This is where decentralization plays a huge role.

Dentralization is needed in the Internet space.

Decentralization can be thought of as the transfer of control from a centralized entity to a distributed network of computers all running specific software. These networks are created to reduce the level of trust that participants need. This trust results in reduced control or authority, which will affect the functioning of the network. In its infancy, the Internet was meant to be decentralized due to the fact that you could directly connect one computer to another. Then move on to the point where centralized services gain control and start monetizing it as a service. In other words, all the data is already connected and in the hands of some specific large corporations.

To combat this, Blockchain technology is a cryptographic technology. It provides a reliable information network and relies on the power of a decentralized system, protocol or cryptographic algorithm, instead of a central authority like today's technology corporations.

These cryptocurrency and Blockchain platforms are becoming the protocol of the next generation of the Internet, Web 3.0. Decentralized protocol layer creators are incentivized to maintain and enhance these protocols, leading to many other benefits such as sharing of value on an open network.

These also eliminate the middle man and work through unreliable means.

Build browser privacy

With no centralized organization to collect and process data, users will keep their privacy as well as all their data, not used by large corporations for targeted ads or data analysis great.

Netbox.Browser is an application whose main function is a Web browser and maintains the functionality of the Netbox.Chain Blockchain network. It is the first Web browser without a centralized infrastructure, which means that all user data belongs only to them and decisions about the areas of browser development are also made by the community. .

The Netbox.Browser infrastructure is highly transparent and is distributed and hosted without the use of central servers in the Netbox.Chain. This means that an individual address in the network is assigned to each installed Web browser, and this is also the address where Netbox.Coins, which are the currency of the network, can be stored.

In other words, it is backed by Blockchain and each browser has its own address. Users retain full control of their data, which is not controlled by a central authority, which means they will not receive targeted advertising or use their data for other purposes. This allows for a greater degree of privacy and transparency, as the community clearly knows everything about the browser's functionality and can decide on its future development. This is what Web 3.0 is shaping up to be, and Netbox.Browser is at the forefront of it.

Another fascinating fact about it is that all Netbox browsers are united in the Netbox.Chain Blockchain network and each browser is a Node that stores and validates the blocks of the network. Proof-of-Stake mechanism is implemented here, where each member of the network can verify blocks and ensure their truth by a certain amount of Netbox.Coin while receiving rewards in proportion to the number. amount of coins issued.

Stay ahead of this change

The decentralized Web browser is the future, as it offers you as the end user a complete level of privacy, with no single central authority storing your data on a single machine. central master and can access it at any time.

In other words, companies like Google or Microsoft cannot use your personalized data such as your browsing habits and search patterns… to recommend targeted advertisements, which is one of the models. their business model. Instead, you have complete freedom to browse the Web without having your data misused or tracked at any time. This is what the existing Web infrastructure needs, and Netbox.Browser is at the forefront of this innovation. SkyPirl Pirl Rumhaus

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