How to be a Nominator

The nominators are responsible for designating their participation to the validators. By locking their $SkyPirl on validators, they allow validators to be selected by the network to create new blocks and share the associated rewards and penalties.

While validators are active participants in the network who take part in the production and finality mechanisms of the blocks, nominators play a more passive role with a delegation approach. Therefore, there is no need for technical knowledge or specific equipment. However, a good nominator is wise with regard to the validators he or she chooses, paying attention to his or her own reward percentage and the risk of being sanctioned if the validator acts in a belligerent manner. Nominators are rewarded according to the number of shares they hold in the Validator (less commission fees).


Step 1: Access the link "" select "Network" and click "Staking"

Step 2: select "Targets" and find the validator with the highest APR, then press copy the wallet address

Step 3: Select "Account actions" and click "Nominator"

Step 4: choose the number of Pirls to stake

Step 6: Enter your password to confirm becoming a nominee


Step 7:

1To add Pirl coin to the nomination, click on "Bond more funds".

2To withdraw Pirl coin from the nomination that you do not want to withdraw, you click "Unbond Funds" then enter the amount of Pirl coin to withdraw. Note, the time is 28 days for the contract to withdraw to the personal wallet

Step8: To end the nomination, click stop

Note, it takes 28 days for the contract to transfer coins to your wallet

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