Polkadot Parameters

Many of these parameter values can be updated via on-chain governance. If you require absolute certainty of these parameter values, it is recommended you directly check the constants by looking at the chain state and/or storage.

Periods of common actions and attributes

NOTE: Polkadot generally runs at ¼th the speed of Kusama, except in the time slot duration itself. See Kusama Parameters for more details on how Polkadot's parameters differ from Kusama's.

  • Slot: 6 seconds *(generally one block per slot, although see note below)

  • Epoch: 4 hours (2_400 slots x 6 seconds)

  • Session: 4 hours (Session and Epoch lengths are the same)

  • Era: 24 hours (6 sessions per Era, 2_400 slots x 6 epochs x 6 seconds)

*A maximum of one block per slot can be in a canonical chain. Occasionally, a slot will be without a block in the chain. Thus, the times given are estimates. See Consensus for more details.

Accounts, Identity and Crowdloans

  • The Existential Deposit is 1.000 DOT

  • The deposit required to set an Identity is 20.258 DOT

  • The minimum contribution required to participate in a crowdloan is 5.000 DOT


The Polkadot Council consists of up to 13 members and up to 20 runners up.

Staking, Validating, and Nominating

Maximum number of Validators that can be nominated by a nominator - 16



Burn percentage is currently 1.00%.


DOT have 10 decimals of precision. In other words, 10 ** 10 (10_000_000_000 or ten billion) Plancks make up a DOT.

The denomination of DOT was changed from 12 decimals of precision at block #1_248_328 in an event known as Denomination Day. See Redenomination for details.

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