The Pirl project announced the launch of its own exchange

The Pirl project team announced the private launch of PirlEx , its own exchange and trust platform for cryptocurrencies, which is planned to become PirlPay's bridge to real-life adoption. The start of registration for PirlEx beta testing was announced on the project's twitter:

We are close to releasing PirlEx beta. Would you like to test PirlEx and help improve it during our private beta? Fill out this form and go! We will provide you with an imitation of money for this purpose .

According to the company's plans, the WebSocket protocol will allow real-time access to market data, and the trading API will allow the development of secure, programmable trading bots. The listing fee is equivalent to 0.15 BTC and will be accepted in PIRL, the fee will be 0.1%. You can read about listing rules at .

Julien du Bois, founder of Pirl:

We want to list good projects that have a great community and are doing well in the crypto space .

The first proposed coins for listing were CLO and LUX.

Which one do you want to see first on #PirlEX ? @CallistoSupport @LUX_COIN Vote now!

— (@PirlOfficial) February 24, 2020

PirlEx will be another member of the Pirl ecosystem , which also includes PirlPay and PirlChat . The developers of the Pirl team strive to create a convenient and functional ecosystem based on the Pirl blockchain. SkyPirl Pirl Rumhaus

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