PirlChat messenger release

Pirl Blockchain LTD has introduced the PirlChat messenger version 1.0. PirlChat is a decentralized and encrypted messaging system. The developers from the Pirl team are striving to create a convenient and functional ecosystem based on the Pirl blockchain, one of the links in the ecosystem being created is their own PirlChat messenger. Previously, we presented an overview of beta versions 0.5.1-0.6 .

PirlChat is positioned as a messenger with complete inaccessibility to hackers or large corporations that can use users' personal data for their own purposes, since PirlChat does not depend on centralized servers and interacts directly with the blockchain. In addition, PirlChat takes advantage of the two main advantages of the blockchain, namely decentralization and strong encryption.

How to start using PirlChat?

PirlChat is available on the App store for Apple devices and on Google Play for devices running Android 5.0 and above. When installing PirlChat on the Pirl network, an address is created, to which, in order to fully use the program, you need to transfer some PIRL - the internal currency of the network. Read about how to do this in the review of beta versions 0.5.1-0.6 , but keep in mind that PirlChat received a number of significant changes and updates by the time of release. For example, in the new version of the program, 1 PIRL is automatically credited to the user's account after creating a new account.

What is a Pirl network?

The Pirl network is a distributed, multi-layer network of masternodes. The network uses a PoW consensus algorithm (Proof of Work - proof of work done), which creates the need to use miner equipment, namely GPU farms and ASICs. This equipment maintains the network and provides security in conjunction with PirlGuard technology. The developers plan to gradually move away from Proof of Work and switch to Proof of Stake (PoS, proof of stake) or a combined model, as well as the launch of side chains - these innovations are called Pirl 2.0 .

It is assumed that PirlChat will use the Marlin cross-chain service to provide secure document exchange, and the PirlChat chain will have its own set of validators that provide a high number of transactions per second. Transferring PirlChat to your own sidechain will allow you to sell this product of the company both on the branded and on your own sidechain (as a clone). In this way, the scalability of the network will be preserved, each side chain will provide rewards and validators. Read more about Pirl 2.0

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