Dream, Parallel Universe

Some of the most mysterious and extraordinary dreams can be glimpses of invisible parallel worlds that exist right next to our real world.

In this world there may exist a copy of yourself making different decisions and seeing places that will later, one way or another, appear in your dreams.

For thousands of years people have wondered about the meaning of dreams. Why can some people dream about future events? Why are some dreams filled with metaphorical meanings?

Is it possible that some dreams are revelations of events occurring in another reality, or a parallel Universe?

Our ancestors were no less interested in dreams than modern scientists. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that dreams provided messages from the Gods. In other words, the Gods gave them hints through dreams. In ancient China, people viewed dreams as a way to visit the 'underworld'. Meanwhile, the ancient Egyptians believed that people who had the ability to decode dreams also possessed special abilities.

Many Native American tribes and civilizations in Mexico (including the Mayan civilization) believe dreams are a literal other world that we visit while we sleep.

Today we often think of dreams as representations of the thoughts, feelings and events that pass through our minds while we sleep.

Are some parts of our dreams a glimpse of a parallel world?

Dreams can be filled with color and involve all the senses – smell, hearing, sight, touch, taste. We now know a lot more about dreams because researchers can take pictures of people's brains as they sleep.

Over the years scientists have learned a lot about dreams, but there is still a lot that is unknown.

We'll elaborate on this topic and consider the idea that some of our most mysterious and extraordinary dreams may be glimpses of invisible parallel worlds that exist right next to us. next to our real world.

For nearly 100 years, science has been haunted by a dark secret: that there may exist many mysterious hidden worlds beyond the reach of our five senses.

Occultists have long claimed that such places really exist. According to them, that place is full of demons and spirits. The last thing science wants to touch is such "superstitious" categories, but starting in the 1920s physicists tried to decipher an unpleasant discovery. When they tried to determine the exact location of atomic particles such as electrons, they found this to be completely impossible. They do not have a single location, and this is one of the reasons why scientists are becoming more and more interested in the possibility of worlds parallel to our own.

The most reasonable explanation given is that these particles do not only exist in the universe as we know it. They move into other universes, and there are countless such parallel universes, all of them slightly different from each other.

For example, there is a parallel universe in which Napoleon wins the Battle of Waterloo (in this universe he loses the battle). In another universe, the British Empire strengthens its position in the American colonies (instead of being controlled by the people there and declaring independence).

And in another universe you weren't even born yet.

The multiverse is a theory in which our universe is not one and only, but there are many other universes that exist in parallel with each other. They are called parallel universes.

Of course, for now the multiverse theory is just a hypothesis. The existence of parallel Universes has not been proven and the topic is hotly debated among physicists. “With such a definition of 'universe', one can assume that the idea of a multiverse will forever fall into the category of metaphysics (supernormal, supernatural).

In each parallel world (ball in the picture) there can exist a copy of yourself.

However, the boundary between physics and metaphysics is determined by whether a theory can be tested experimentally, not by whether it is strange or involves unobservable entities. The boundaries of physics are gradually expanding to include ever more abstract concepts (which were once classified as metaphysics) such as the round Earth and the invisible electromagnetic field. , time flows more slowly at high velocities (relativity), quantum layering, curved space, and black holes. In the past few years, the concept of the multiverse has joined this list," said Professor Max Tegmark from the MIT Institute of Technology.

“The fundamental problem of cosmology is that the laws of physics as we know them broke down at the time of the Big Bang. Some people wonder what's the problem with this, what's the problem with the laws of physics breaking down? For a physicist this is a disaster. All our lives we want to believe in the hypothesis that the Universe obeys knowable laws, laws that can be written on paper in the language of mathematics, but here ironically lies the central piece of the puzzle. The Universe itself is a lost piece outside the laws of physics,” according to theoretical physicist, Professor Michio Kaku.

In a parallel world there might be a copy of yourself. This person's life is similar to yours in every way. However, there are certain aspects where you and your clone are different. Perhaps he or she has now decided to take a break from reading this article, while you continue. The two people's schedules are similar but not identical because the two people simultaneously exist in parallel worlds.

Visualization and imagination can transport us to unreal worlds. But without it we won't go anywhere. – astronomer Carl Sagan People often have a recurring dream about a place they have never been to, or heard about. Perhaps such dreams are scenes from your experiences in a parallel Universe.

Sometimes people dream about events that have never happened but will happen in the future. Such dreams can also be images from a parallel world where you live a different life.

Who knows, perhaps some of our most extraordinary dreams are windows into a parallel universe. Of course this is just a mere guess, but without conjecture and scientific curiosity we will never learn anything more about the secrets of the Universe and our own reality.

As Professor Tegmark once said: “When we ask a profound question about the nature of reality, we should expect an answer that sounds somewhat strange. Whenever we venture outside the world of everyday reality, we should expect to encounter the strange and extraordinary.


In the previous article we talked about the Decentralized Universe, because if this universe was created by God, it would have certainly changed from centralized to decentralized.

So what is a dream and what is a parallel universe? If you are in a dream then you cannot know that you are living in a virtual world and you have all the senses like real life, and what is the problem here? How can people explain it? In the past, people could not understand this knowledge. In the 21st century, when internet computer science was born so we can more easily explain to you, but before it was impossible. Just like before BC, God and Buddha came to earth to talk about space science, but they only said very little, because if they said more, it would take thousands of years of human knowledge to understand. Just like how people use phones to make video calls, a thousand years ago if God and Buddha talked too much about it, we humans could not understand it.


When it comes to the internet and using social networks, emails etc. People often refer to it as an account. So what does the account have to do with parallel universes and dreams?.

When Bitcoin was born, everyone in the world talked about Blockchain, which is a decentralized blockchain technology. And to use and transfer Bitcoin, people need to create a wallet address, and this wallet address has a public key and only the wallet creator has the right to log in to the wallet. Then the world witnessed a new change that was the birth of smart contracts, decentralized exchanges, decentralized applications (DAPPs), etc. To use all of the above features, people will need a wallet account. And if you have an ETH wallet address, you can use that wallet address to log in on Ethereum chains, or Callisto Network and many other chains if they use the same wallet technology. ETH, BSC, CLO chains all have sub-chains called "Testnet" and testnet chains can also use the same wallet account.

Let's imagine, if God created the universe, he would also create many similar universes called "Testnet universes". If the "Testnet universe" is broken or has problems, there will still be many more universes so God can upgrade in the future, and all upgrades are tested by God on the "Testnet universe" before God transfers that technology and will change in the "mainnet universe" and us Call them parallel universes. And the question arises, is there one God or many Gods? Currently, each Blockchain chain has a group of developers who build and develop and they are all different people belonging to many different countries. Callisto Network and SkyPirl Blockchain were both created by different people. Both Blockchains are different, each Blockchain has a programming language and different rules.

So what does this have to do with dreams and parallel universes?

Because blockchains share the same account as parallel universes, one account can log into universes A, B, C. But each person in each different universe is a different person and they are not related to each other, but when they sleep, they will fall into an unconscious state and dream, and somehow they have logged into the parallel universe, and they can monitor and observe and feel all the senses that the people in the parallel universe are doing.

But why do people not remember anything after dreaming and waking up? and everyone forgets about it? There are only a few people who can remember all the content of their dreams, but there are also only a few people who can only remember a very small part of their dreams.

Reincarnation and Past Lives

The fact that people do not remember anything about their dreams is very similar to Past Life Reincarnation, because there are many people who remember a lot about their past lives and who they were, but there are also people who cannot remember their past lives. their. After reincarnation and birth, people are like a dream and they are born and cannot remember their previous lives.

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