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For a long time, there have been many theories wondering whether humans really exist or not. However, since computers have been widely used and demonstrated their power, people have begun to think more deeply about the simulated world created by computers.

Many studies have supported the bizarre idea that we are all living in a computer simulation, a theory that could have a major impact on today's science and technology.

The work shows that the universe works like a computer in sorting and deleting unnecessary information, a key sign that reality may be pre-ordained.

All the senses we have, they are just electrical signals decoded by our brain. From there, we can be considered just biological computers. There's nothing more than that."

The simulated universe hypothesis has a number of famous supporters, including Elon Musk. This shows that everything is essentially made up of bits of information.

Causal Law

The law of cause and effect is one of the basic principles of Buddhist teachings. Karma in Buddhism teaches us to be responsible in every thought, word and action. If people live unconsciously, irresponsibly, and only live in selfish greed, they will easily cause harm to others and receive retribution for themselves.

The law of cause and effect is a law that cannot be changed. All events that happen in life are related to each other through past lives and are related to the existence of an organism, cannot be changed or are difficult to change, is an existing law of the universe.

The law of cause and effect operates according to the natural operation of the universe, to balance the order of all things in space.

In Buddhist teachings, the "law of cause and effect" is an objectively existing law that is not prescribed or created by Buddha. The Buddha only told that rule to everyone, meaning that neither Buddhists nor Buddha could escape this rule.

For the SkyPirl blockchain network, the Law of Cause and Effect is the precept we call programming language. All violations, when you violate them and are detected by the blockchain system, will be automatically punished. With the PirlGuard Protocol deployed the chances of an attack succeeding are vastly reduced, the protocol is inspired by Horizen penalty system and built for Ethash. As we know once the attacker has created a longer chain through privately mining a separate chain they will then have to broadcast it to the network. Once the attacker opens their node for peering it will attempt to peer with rest of the nodes on the network, telling them that they are wrong. However, once this happens PirlGuard will drop the peer and penalize them by sentencing them to mine X amount of penalty blocks due to their un-peered mining. The amount of penalty blocks assigned depends on the amount of blocks that the malicious miner mined in private.

Blockchain ensures data integrity through its immutable nature through encryption and consensus mechanisms, meaning once information is recorded, it cannot be retroactively changed. And in the law of cause and effect, each person's sins and blessings are recorded and cannot be changed.

PIRL was created in 2017 with the desire to be accessible to all and to be able to take advantage of Blockchain technologies and these assets without necessarily being gifted in IT.

PIRL therefore implements various functionalities for decentralized file storage, communication, entertainment and commerce protected by Escrow for the general public. Applications such as, PirlChat, PirlTube , PirlWallet, PirlGuard, xTer SafeContainer , Decentralized social network Pirl… are emerging. This is why a strong community is created around PIRL. Its motto; PIRL by the people, for the people! During these years PIRL, which only seeks to become a better tool, easy to use for these users. We changes the algorithm in November 2020 and stops the mining, for a more innovative system. nPoS (nominated proof-of-stake) is based on the same framework that makes Polkadot work: substrate.

SkyPIRL does not stop there and intends to become an essential reference for the general public with these applications in the Blockchain. This is why we surround ourselves with majeur partners who want to take advantage of our technology to progress together towards a bright future. Rome is not built in a day, neither is Pirl. This is why the whole community advances towards the same goal with the determination to create a solid ecosystem and that all roads lead to PIRL.

Slashing is a mechanism used in SkyPirl to deter malicious behavior by penalizing validators who act against the interests of the network and their nominators. Validators who engage in malicious activities might lose a portion of their staked tokens by slashing. This mechanism is essential for maintaining the security and integrity of the network, as it incentivizes validators to act in the network's best interests.

If a validator shows harmful behavior, they will be slashed, meaning they lose some of their staked tokens and all their nominators as a penalty.

If you were actively nominating that validator when the slash occurred, your stake would get slashed too. This incentivizes good behavior for validators and, at the same time, requires nominators to do their due diligence on the validators they nominate. You can be subject to slashing both when you nominate directly or through a nomination pool.


While Jesus was fasting in the desert, the devil tempted Him with his need for food and drink. He said to the Lord: If you are the Son of God, turn these stones into bread and eat.” But God did not follow the devil's enticements. He declared: "Man does not live by bread alone, but also by the words that come from the mouth of God." If in the desert, while fasting, Jesus did not turn stones into bread according to the devil's temptation, then now, also in the desert, in front of a crowd of hungry and thirsty people, God felt compassion for him, and he did this. The miracle of bread multiplying to nourish them. God gave manna and quails to nourish the pilgrims, so that for 40 years, they did not cultivate or raise livestock, but still had food to go to the Promised Land.

Jesus is a mighty God. He can say a word and there is bread for everyone. But He did not do that, but instead chose to multiply the loaves starting from the food reserves that people brought with them. Starting from five loaves and two fish, Jesus multiplied it so that five thousand people ate their fill and still had twelve baskets left over. Once God's power meets human generosity, miracles will happen, miracles will appear beyond human imagination.

He is among humans to rescue, protect, chastise, and reward, because He is the living God, with great dignity and glory.

Blockchain is a special type of database, also known as a decentralized digital ledger, maintained by many computers distributed around the world. In SkyPirl's blockchain there is a very important feature called "Sudo Key" We call it the power of God.

"SuDo Key" has the power to change the balance up or down of any individual wallet in the blockchain network without using their secret phrase but still be able to transfer balances from one wallet to another other wallet. Elections require voting and take up to 14 to 28 days, but with "Sudo Key" you can do whatever you want.

So is "Sudo Key" good or bad, and how to use it?

"Sudo key" was created by the developer with the purpose of being able to interfere with the Blockchain system for good purposes. If one day your personal wallet or exchange is stolen by hackers, you can contact us or government security and require hackers' wallets to be locked up quickly, and this helps criminals not be able to disperse stolen assets. If used for good purposes, it will be very beneficial, but it is also very dangerous. If one day Hackers can get the "Sudo key", they will damage everyone because they have the power of God, so they can do whatever they want. Holding the "Sudo Key" can also endanger the developer's life if someone threatens them to hand over the "Sudo Key". Because of this, in 2023, Polkadot also announced to remove "Sudo Key" and SkyPirl also announced to remove it, because the benefits are very beneficial but the harm is huge. After removing the "Sudo Key" both Polkadot and SkyPirl will become 100% decentralized. Now the chain is working fine with a large set of validators, the sudo key has enabled a set of governance modules in Polkadot, e.g. Council, Technical Committee and public referendum. Once the Council and governance tools are ready, the public can influence changes in the system and sudo will be removed. Without Sudo, the chain was no longer a candidate but a live, decentralized network.

A question asked before: Did God create the universe and did He use "Sudo Key" to control the universe? And has God now also removed the "Sudo Key" and only the law of cause and effect remains, which is the programming language that he and the Saints created this universe with.

Another question: If God created a simulated universe, does the simulated world we live in also live in a decentralized world including many servers that God and the Saints are controlling?

Buddha found the law of cause and effect and taught it to humans about the law of cause and effect and God is the creator of the simulated universe so we all call them high-level scientists beyond human understanding. In Buddhism, it is said that this universe was born and exists by itself, but Buddhism also says that this universe includes many heavens and each heaven has kings who govern the lower heavens, this is very important. Just like humans can now program and create a simulated universe inside a computer, and humans can control the simulated universe within a computer.

Another question arises: who created God? Therefore, we all agree with the above two hypotheses, that is, there is a Creator who created the universe and the hypothesis that this universe is created by itself. This universe itself created the first heaven and the first heaven created the lower heavens.

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