Pi Network Security Circle: How to Add Users to Security Circle?

Are you searching for a way to add users to your Pi Network security circle? Let’s go ahead and get to know about it in an easy way.

Pi Network Security Circle

Security Circle is defined as a group of 3-5 trusted people that has to build by each of Pi’s members. Security circle helps the currency to be secure by building a global trust graph. It prevents bad actors from executing fraudulent transactions.

When you create a new account on Pi Network, you have to complete 3 earning sessions (3 days) before adding users to your security circle.

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How to Add users to Pi Security Circle?

The following simple steps assist to add the user’s to your Pi Security Circle.

1. Open the Pi Network app on your smartphone.

2. Tap the Energy icon.

3. You have to click Start under the Contributor option.

4. In the new window, Click Trust if you want to add your referrer to your Security circle.

5. Now increase your Security Circle by Adding existing Pi Users. You can also add users from contacts but they must be Pi users.

Note: You can add a minimum of 3 users or a maximum of 5 users.

Your security circle becomes strong if you add 5 members to your circle. After adding the members they will appear in the list. You can remove any member from your list and add new members whom you trust.


I hope this guide regarding Pi Network Security Circle assisted you. You should share it with others If you think that it can also help other Pi Network users.

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See also: Pirlchat - The world's first decentralized messaging​

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