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The SkyPirl Decentralized Charity Fund was formed to contribute to conveying that deep and loving message, connecting hearts, calling on the community to join hands to share love with the difficult and unfortunate lives and so that everyone has more opportunities to get closer together for a bright future of orphans, studious students who still have a bumpy road to knowledge, helpless elderly people, and needy poor patients. power before the possibility of treatment to regain his life…

SkyPirl's mission is not only to show sympathy and share, but also to make the Foundation's charitable activities bring practical and sustainable effects that can change a person's fate, for a better life today. Yesterday and tomorrow are better than today. Doing meaningful things from the heart will make your life and those around you more meaningful. Let's go with the decentralized charity fund because life is in dire need of hearts to prolong the journey of kindness and extend the arms of love…

Decentralized charity funds only used for charitable purposes such as supporting the poor, building schools, hospitals, supporting scientists inventing new projects that benefit society, etc.

Wallet address: 5CwShbvMrFJ6X9jcKUcAm4kPEzczbhf3SfDVurQG8Ydp5ips

Total amount: A000000 Pirl coin

List of fund-payers:

👏LưuPhưởng (Việt Nam): 400000 Pirl coin

Txid: https://subscan.skypirl.org/skyrhc/event/1382502-1

How it works?

The use of funds for charitable purposes will not be allowed to sell any of the A million Pirl coins. This will also affect the value of the Pirl coin, and the fund will be depleted quickly, as the fund will be used for hundreds of years to come. So A million Pirl will be staked at validators and it will get daily stake reward, this profit will be allowed to be sold and reported on message board as well as spending of any charity . Or will send the proceeds from the nomination to charities around the world

Create a proposal to raise money for charity

Step 1: Click on the link below:


After creating a successful proposal, you will wait for the SkyPirl council to agree and approve. You must get 8 out of 13 council members to vote ("Yes") to get money from the ("treasury").

If create a successful proposal. Funds from the decentralized charity's wallet address will be sent to the treasury. This money is taken from the charity's wallet, not from the treasury. For example, if you propose 1000 Pirl coins, the wallet of the decentralized charity will send 1000 Pirl coins to the treasury.

Note: The proposer's wallet will be locked 5% of the proposed amount. If the proposal is successful you will be returned 5%. If the proposal fails you will lose 5%, this money will be burned and you cannot get it back. This will keep people from spamming the treasury. For example you propose 1000 Pirl coin, then you will be locked 50 Pirl.


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