Connect the slot machine to the SkyPirl Light Wallet.

Step 1: You click on the slot machine

Step 2: Click "Restore JSON"

Step 3: Click "Drop your account here or click to upload" , then you find the folder containing your Json wallet file, and type the wallet password.

This is a picture of you successfully connecting the wallet.

Step 5: You click on the coin transfer, then you choose the transfer account and click on the 5Pirl coin transfer to join the slot machine.

Step 6: After successfully transferring 5 Pirl coins, the system will automatically reset the website, and a slot machine will display the word "Start Game". You click on the slot machine to win the prize.

Step 7: This is the picture when you won the Jackpot.

Step 8: To play a new turn, click "Play Again ."

Step 8: To connect the slot machine to another wallet, please click on the slot machine, and select "Restore JSON". Have fun playing ^^ SkyPirl Pirl Rumhaus

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