What is Pirl (PIRL) ? Community Based Project Pioneering in Introducing Masternode Technology


Pirl (PIRL) coin is a community-based project that pioneered the introduction of Ethash masternode technology into the blockchain ecosystem. The project combines modern technology to achieve the first complete DApps hosting platform. PIRL is an Ethereum-based blockchain that aims to improve the availability of cryptocurrencies and related technologies, promoting the growth of the crypto space through research and innovation.

+PIRL's goals were to focus on the idea of the Poseidon platform – simplifying the DApp creation process by creating a cleaner interface. Various functions for decentralized file storage, communication, entertainment and secure transactions will be implemented and available in this program. https://poseidon.pirl.io A layered masternode network will lay the groundwork for this process, taking the concepts of currency, applications, and decentralized governance to the next level. The Pirl blockchain will be used to launch smart contracts. The user interface and online decentralized functions are designed to run on nodes without the control of major cloud providers. The Pirl network will be a decentralized user network.

Development team

The development team is completely open source. A total of 20 people participated in the project.

Coin Founders

JULIEN DU BOIS is the founder of PIRL. 12 years of experience in programming, 13 years of experience in IT.

JULIAN FRANKEN – Client Relations Manager. 19 years of experience in IT services and project management.

CHRIS BISCHOFF is a developer. Has a lot of experience in large projects of the company. Last major project before Pirl for the European Central Bank.

Coin Developer

Christian Nowak is a developer.

Ryan Williams is a community manager and writer. Join 1 online and search engine optimization.

Brian Bowen is a community manager. Knowledge: Linux, PHP, MYSQL, Vmware.

Development team

George Delkos is in charge of mining.

Alex Trottier is an implementation of smart contracts primarily focused on masternodes.

Radostin Minchev – Community Manager, Marketing.


William is a PR manager and editor.

Iskra Nikolaova – developer of decentralized applications, JavaScript.

Maximilian Breitmar – designer, marketer.

Project developer

James Keir is a developer.

Alex Kosa is a community manager.

Kousuke Tominaga is a translator.

Development team

Seo, Dong Chan – Korean community manager.

Jeon, Yeong Deok – Korean Translator. Market researcher.

Top Mike is a technical advisor for the Korean community.

Korean Community Group

Lee, Won Pyo – Marketing to the Korean Community.

Lee, Joo Seong – designers.

Development roadmap Roadmap for 2018-2019:

Plan and profile the Pirl brand for future growth.

Linux wallet released – done.

Mining pool – done.

Block Explorer – done.

Windows Wallet – done.

Mac Wallet – done.

EZMINER (handy mining app) released – done.

New exchanges are constantly updated.

POSEIDON platform. Premium Masternodes – done.

Monetary policy – done.

Set up company that sponsors satraps and supports young developers – done.

POSEIDON project development.

Decentralized market development New and improved wallet.

Convenient masternodes.

Host the masternodes.

Buy PIRL for Fiat.

Stored where?

You can store coins on official cold wallets created for operating systems such as:




Cold wallet

You can also store coins on web wallets.


This type of wallet is very convenient, unlike cold wallets, you do not need to download, configure, install or sync anything. You just need to transfer coins to this wallet and you're done, because this is a regular website by nature.

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