Data Analytics

The tools that accentuate and aggregate the data within blockchains are integral for a multi-chain future. Parachains will need robust and secure ways to index and aggregate data, such as a data aggregation layer.

Indexing and Querying


Subsquid is an open-source framework for building tailored GraphQL APIs to query Substrate chain state and history.

Subsquid replaces direct gRPC node access with perfomant Squid archive gateways, allowing quick synchronization of the API with the historical on-chain data.

Subsquid-powered APIs support filtering, pagination, union types, interfaces and full-text search out-of-the-box, and can be further extended with custom GraphQL resolvers.


SubQuery is an indexer that allows for the indexing, transforming, and querying of Substrate chain data to power applications. The decentralized network acts as a chain-agnostic data aggregation, indexing, and querying layer between blockchains and applications.

SubQuery abstracts away blockchain-specific data idiosyncrasies using the SubQuery SDK.


Web3GO is a Polkadot-based open data analytics platform that provides infrastructure and tooling to help users visualize, curate, share, and analyze on-chain data.

The Graph

The Graph is a layer-1 indexing tool and querying layer for the decentralized web, who announced an integration plan to bring indexing and querying to Polkadot.

The Graph allows developers to build and publish open APIs, called subgraphs. Applications can query subgraphs using GraphQL.


Covalent offers a unified API to understand the data on a blockchain, and is currently live on the Moonbeam network, bringing visibility to billions of blockchain data points to Polkadot via their unified API. The approach to deploy on Moonbeam simplifies the development of Polkadot-based blockchain applications as compared to implementing a full parachain or parathread.

Covalent captures the entire history of blockchains and offers a way to zoom into data points recorded in smart contracts that are often not accessible.

Polkadot-based Explorers

As you can imagine, blockchain explorers also offer data analytics through an interface where users can examine common data points.

Some block explorers in the Polkadot ecosystem are listed on the tools page.

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