What's so special about decentralized audio chat rooms?

What's so special about decentralized audio chat rooms, and why is the future of the internet decentralized?

_Anonymity, no account records, no loss of personal data, safe and secure, respect privacy

_Solid structure model:

  • Each server will run 1 Room-House node and connect to the skypirl blockchain, each server includes 1 community room (which is a visual social network) and create a private room as you like (you just need to create an id and who have a secret id to enter the room)

  • +Each server will have a secret link, and will have its own account and password, only someone who is given a secret link or an account and password can access the room. The rule is very similar to the wifi department, who wants to access the wifi department must have a password, or maybe the server offers it for free without logging in. And when successfully accessing the server, you have the option to go to the community room, the meeting place of a school, or create a secret room id to start the meeting

  • =+For example, a school that creates its own server will have the form "name".validate.guru or "name".Room-House.com

  • eg: https://skypirl.room-house.com

  • https://attic.room-house.com/

  • https://iberia.room-house.com

  • https://club.room-house.com

  • => if you want to use the service for each school, hospital, business, etc. will have to run 1 server, each server will be a blockchain node, the data is managed by you.

  • _Disadvantage: difficult to use when approaching new technology, requires a sever tree and running 1 node, this problem can be solved in the future when there is funding. eg: in Vietnam there will be a free server VN.Room-House-com or in Russia there will be Russia.room-house-com.

  • _Advantages: safe and secure, no need to download applications, just need a web browser to use it like linux, win, macbook, ios, android.v.v. _Objective: to create a decentralized audio chat network around the world.

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