Why Pi Network can become the most active existence of mobile smart cryptocurrency?

As it is on the verge to go Open Mainnet I cannot stop myself from getting so exited about Pi Network.These are the reasons:

  1. It has the most users among cryptos in the world (about 40 millions).

  2. It has users in over 230 countries in the world, the most among cryptos.

  3. It is the first crypto network that does KYC to all its users.

  4. It is a Web 3 blockchain that has the most Dapps.

  5. It has the most ready crypto that is acceptable to all countries in the world.

  6. It has the first crypto that has the potential to become a super sovoreign currency which will be used by governments in the world.

  7. It has the first crypto that has the potential to become the world's money which will be used by all people in the world.

  8. It will be the largest cryptocurrency barter market in the world.

  9. It has a team with Standford background that is able, experienced, calm, steady, pressure resistance in working towards its revolutionary great goals.

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