Humans have looked up at the stars since the very beginning. Today, exploration of the stars is not only achievable - it's something everyone is eagerly anticipating. Space exploration has always been the central aspiration of mankind around the globe. The SkyPirl Scientific Research Institute is building and maintaining a decentralized internet between the earth and interplanetary in the future.

Projects built on SkyPirl blockchain network such as: Room-House.com, PirlChat, Pirltube, Pirl decentralized social network.

At this point, we can't help but wonder: If the decentralized internet is built between the stars in the coming decades, how can we build an internet in space?

Space inspires humanity, fosters the union of many different fields, and fosters the reflection of society as a whole on earth and the planets. The development of decentralized internet in space can help us better deal with the transmission and storage of information to create a network like the Internet, but decentralized and less dependent on the earth. People from the planets can easily communicate and chat with each other through decentralized applications such as Room-House, Pirlchat, Pirl decentralized social network, this will be the development of a multi-planet economy.

Logically, no company will ever bring gold coins or banknotes to Mars, because this would add to the significant amount of material that needs to be delivered. Alternately, this is a very inefficient way of converting value currency.

Therefore, cryptocurrency will become the best choice for interstellar exploration. Before humans set foot on Mars, begin to harness energy and establish civilization, it is possible to issue a currency that can be easily transacted on Mars or even across the planets

With this vision, SkyPirl coin was born.

Pirl is a project that includes all ecosystems such as Decentralized Messaging (Pirlchat), Decentralized Meeting Room (Room-House), decentralized video sharing social network (Pirltube), decentralized social network centralized Pirl and PirlGuard-xTerSafecontainer, which is considered an overarching block of the Pirl ecosystem. The Pirl ecosystem was created by scientists around the world in 2017, the project was founded under the name Pirl.

The colonization of Mars hasn't started yet, but why hasn't the Martian economy started growing? We hope to provide the first decentralized stable currency that can be used when the last man arrives and explores Mars in the near future. SkyPirl advocates the creation of an autonomous community that goes into space and explores Mars together. All Pirl coin holders automatically become members of SkyPirl. They can engage in community governance with an extroverted spirit of discovery - towards the limits of what we currently know. We hope that in the near future, on that red planet or elsewhere - that everyone can become an equal participant in this community and openly trade intergalactic currencies.

'If humanity continues for another million years, we will have to boldly go to an unprecedented level. '

It is the time now. ​ ​ We are simultaneously a group of blockchain enthusiasts and sci-fi fans. We are deeply inspired by technology, by the speed of blockchain technology and the development of smart contracts on top of and alongside some of these existing protocols (layer-2 solutions).

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We also love the physical side of developments in the area - we love SpaceX. We can't help but discover if decentralized applications will be used for chat communication when humans land on Mars and start creating a decentralized internet ecosystem. The SkyPirl blockchain will probably become the choice of early colonizers - if it's not chosen by the majority, that doesn't mean it won't be used.

We don't know when humans will land on Mars or when they will be able to build the first truly habitable city. With current projections, this will happen within a few decades. At the very least, we hope to see all of this happen in our lifetime. We also hope that we can embark on an interstellar journey to Mars on our own - but we also have to be realistic, accepting that maybe what we're building could be for generations other than ourselves.

We created blockchain in the hope of making SkyPirl more powerful. We also hope that more people will join our community in the future to jointly manage it. Humanity has seen many problems over the past decades, but if anything is certain that we are stronger together - we hope that you will join us in this mission.

We may be just a few decades away from our next space expedition, and in doing so, we could explore previously unknown depths of humanity. The places we haven't explored and are about to discover will shape us in ways we don't yet fully understand. What requires disruption is the current financial system - it's simply not viable. Join us to create a sustainable ecosystem for the future beyond Earth!

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