Slot Machine

Slots WOW Slot Machines™ Slots Free Casino Games puts you in the heart of Vegas with the best free slot machine games! Get your welcome bonus and become a billionaire with huge jackpots and bonuses! This is not a real casino game, but becoming a billionaire in the casino game with SkyPirl coin and dominating this free slot machine leaderboard can be very satisfying. Get Airdrop and Free Gambling.

In the future we will develop 10 to 20 games to earn with SkyPirl coin.

To enter the game click on the link below:

Connect the slot machine to the SkyPirl Light Wallet.

Step 1: You click on the slot machine

Step 2: Click "Restore JSON"

Step 3: Click "Drop your account here or click to upload" , then you find the folder containing your Json wallet file, and type the wallet password.

This is a picture of you successfully connecting the wallet.

Step 5: You click on the coin transfer, then you choose the transfer account and click on the 5Pirl coin transfer to join the slot machine.

Step 6: After successfully transferring 5 Pirl coins, the system will automatically reset the website, and a slot machine will display the word "Start Game". You click on the slot machine to win the prize.

Step 7: This is the picture when you won the Jackpot.

Step 8: To play a new turn, click "Play Again ."

Step 8: To connect the slot machine to another wallet, please click on the slot machine, and select "Restore JSON". Have fun playing ^^

Game built by Alex Shevlakov SkyPirl Pirl Rumhaus

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