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Hello Callistonians! Today we are starting a new series of videos to review the work in progress at Callisto Network. The main idea is to understand if we are taking the right direction and we want to include you guys in this process. One of the major upgrades is the Z-Pow. This topic has been discussed for a while in the community, but there is something very interesting. The concept behind it can be applied to both Proof of Work and Proof of Stake blockchains. So let's dive into it with the team! So yes, we were internally discussing heavily the pros and cons of Proof of Stake and Proof of Work, and we are here today to discuss also with you the direction where we will be heading next. To join us in this discussion we need to welcome a very special guest. Dr. ZS Designer of the Z Consensus He’s an OG Callistonian, who joined the team in 2020, so many of you guys will know him already! Dr. ZS did a lot of great things for us, he created all the monetary policies and white papers, because, simply put: He is a mathematical genius! So please welcome Dr. ZS! Hello guys, happy to be here! Introduction to Z Consensus So Dr. ZS let's talk about the Z-PoW.

Let's discuss the innovative Z consensus and its potential to disrupt the blockchain industry. In this video, we'll be exploring the fascinating world of blockchain consensus, and how this exciting new technology is revolutionizing the way we think about decentralized networks. As Tonton and Dr.Zs explain, the Z consensus is a cutting-edge approach to blockchain consensus that can be applied to both Proof of Work and Proof of Stake blockchains. By leveraging this innovative new technology, blockchain networks can achieve greater levels of security, scalability, and efficiency, all while maintaining the decentralization that makes these networks so valuable in the first place.

By efficiently using miners' resources, we can give purpose to the Proof of Work blockchain. Miners will not only confirm transactions but also provide computing power to anyone. Clients can leverage that computing power for rendering, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and much more. (Yes, even to run a Minecraft server). ZPoW is a technology that addresses proof-of- work consensus limitations by allowing up to 100,000 transactions per second with the same level of securitv as Bitcoin.

It's been some time since we started working with the Z-PoW concept, and the goal is clear; To enhance the network performance. Put simply, we plan to do this by leveraging multiple chains and implementing an innovative consensus mechanism; the Z-Consensus. In this way we can enhance the Callisto Network and boost the transaction throughput.

So with multiple chains, we can improve Callisto Network and even increase the number of transactions per second?

Yes, it’s loosely based on Satoshi Nakamoto’s rules as we deconstructed it and built a new protocol. Exactly! Like in the PRISM protocol, which is widely regarded by the research community as one of the most efficient blockchain protocols and it was made by an all-star professors’ team. By adopting a similar approach, we leverage the power of multiple chains featuring various types of blocks, such as transaction blocks, proposal votes, and voter blocks. This enables us to optimize the use of computing and networking resources and substantially increase the network's capacity to handle many more transactions per second. Yes so basically more transactions per second it means better blockchain. Exactly. Proof of Work and Proof of Stake blockchains So in other words, Z-consensus is not specifically related to mining; it also comes with improvements for Proof of Stake blockchains. Yes and today we are pleased to unveil our idea, and cordially invite the community to join us in its development, as we strive to lay the foundation for the next generation decentralized computing network 'The World Computer”, part of which Masternodes are going to be, but more on that in the next video.

What are the reasons behind Ethereum's transition to Proof Of Stake (PoS)'2 Scalability problems, transaction latency, and security of PoS is still questioned. Here comes Decentralization Revolution - ZPoW - combines both scalability of PoS and security of PoW! Best of both worlds!

Question: Why are switching from pow to pos? Is the gas fee gonna increase?

Dr. ZS: POS is the future! It is eco-friendlier and uses the computing resources to perform operations that are needed. POS has many advantages compared to PoW and we should follow this path. And you know even Vitalik Buterin this is what he says. But we don't plan to stay simply as a small brother of ETH. We want to create something complementary and unique. Something similar to the notion of a World Computer.

Question: There are few projects aiming the same goals, what would distinguish CallistoNetwork from the other one?

Dr. ZS: Z consensus OFC regarding scalability and innovation with cloud native applications and Kubernetes for their Orchestration

Question: How will that increase the value of the network and what will be the real life use cases?

Dr. ZS: Real life use cases???? I will describe to you a simple example. Think of autonomous driving. It needs computing resources as close as possible to the car. Is this possible in a centralized manner? I mean can an operator have these resources everywhere? OFC no! This market we are going to create. Every new and emerging application needs such an infrastructure!

Question: Yeah, we don't need to be under anyone's shadow. Let's rise and shine. Let's create history in cryptocurrency

Dr. ZS: Exactly! And you know what this is what we are working on. With a new consensus - the Z Consensus - We can follow a different path and increase transaction scalability following a different path than sharding (Eth solution) Which in our case is also more secure. Based on our research we can increase many many times the trx throughput with the security level of Bitcoin

Dr. ZS is contributing to the project in an incredibly innovative way, proposing the Z-consensus, which could very well be the next big thing in the crypto space. Legend has it that the ‘Z’ in Z-consensus stands for ZS — quite fitting, wouldn’t you say?

Thanks Vladimir and Dr. ZS for joining the discussion today. We also want your opinion guys, so leave a comment here Youtube or join us in Telegram. Thanks everyone, see you again soon.


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