What is online meeting? Is it easy or difficult to organize?


What is online meeting?

Online meeting is a form of meeting through a computer device - PC, SmartPhone, Tablet, specialized equipment or VoiIP smart phone in which there is a wifi or internet connection by using applications such as: Room-House.com, Zoom Meeting, Google Meet or other compatible applications on the market.

In which field is online meeting popular?

In the digital age at that time, the use of internet resources in life becomes essential, it gives us all a lot of convenience in contact without having to meet each other again. Therefore, the service industry will benefit from this advanced technology such as: Education and training, Health, Public Administration, Multi-headquarter companies, ...

How easy or difficult to organize online meetings?

To create an online meeting, to teach online, to work in an online group or to attend an online class but you don't know what to do? Here we will guide you from a-z to organize an online meeting

We will tell you that to create a meeting, online teaching is very easy, so how do we all implement it?

1: Please install an online meeting software on your computer or personal device such as: Room-House.com, Zoom Meetings, Skype, Google Hangouts, CISCO Webex Meetings, ..., You can install it in the way below. After completing the installation, you can immediately organize an online meeting as desired

2: Invest in a set of specialized hardware equipment to organize a more professional briefing with a larger number of meeting participants and a time of many hours.

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