How to KYC Pi Network 100% Success (2023)

Playing coin everyone understands that KYC is an extremely important step.If you have successfully KYC Pi Network then congratulations.Personally, wet feet go to dig pi, so I have to learn more about this step, it's not smart:

  • Forever digging but forgetting KYC, so the river flows into the sea.

  • Pi Network does not allow KYC.

  • Personal information leaked.

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On the contrary, if you are still looking forward to receiving your KYC notification, you have come to the right place.Good news for you, Pi Core Team once made sure that most Piooners will get KYC sooner or later, provided they are real people.Hot news: Huobi considers listing Pi, have you signed up for Huobi to trade Pi?In the meantime, please understand KYC well first.

The article is quite long, see the table of contents below and click to select the item you need.

What is KYC Pi Network?

KYC (Know Your Customer) is the process of verifying customer identity, to identify you as a real person, using only one account, no fake accounts.This is the process of collecting members' personal information through identification documents such as CCCD, passport, driver's license, etc.KYC allows financial exchanges to assess the value of risk posed by customers based on their suspicious financial activity.Thereby, it is possible to remove unsuitable, unqualified users who own coins from the blockchain.KYC Pi Network is also the process of confirming the member's identity. But KYC in Pi Network has special features:

  • Divided into several KYC phases (the first batch took place from March 14, 2020).

  • Before entering Mainnest, all valid accounts are KYCed in turn.

  • Currently Pi Network is doing free KYC for piooner.

Why need KYC Pi Network?Simply put, KYC is identity verification, but the purpose behind it is:

  • Anti-forgery.

  • Combat financial fraud.

  • Build community trust.

  • Network stabilization.

  • Comply with the law.

KYC Pi Network information


Pi Browser


CCCD, License, Passport, ID card

Take a photo

Selfie, liveness


1-3 days


Free of charge

Invite code


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How to make KYC successful?

Successful KYC means that what you did before for Pi Network is initially recognized. Therefore, pi players are waiting for the date of KYC.However, we can't be, KYC takes time. Therefore…

#first. Don't be in a hurry

Pi Network usually does not implement mass KYC, Pi community contributors who have seniority will get KYC sooner.Real accounts are KYC, so KYC sooner or later is not too important. In my opinion, during this period, you should focus on inviting more people to increase the mining speed, mine regularly every day to increase the amount of accumulated pi coin.

#2. Join with only 1 account

In addition to KYC, Pi Network has many other algorithms to authenticate virtual real accounts, so please ensure the principle: 1 Person - 1 Account - 1 Phone .It is not possible to KYC if you create a clone, install many apps, and many phones to mine Pi.In other words, when you have signs of fraud, pi coin is easy to "disappear".

#3. Prepare personal documents

Currently Pi Network has accepted KYC by:

  • Passport (passport).

  • Driver license (Driving license – bilingual plastic card).

  • ID Card (ID card)

  • Or CCCD citizen ID.

In which Passport and CCCD are preferred and have 100% success rate.

#4. Record information on paper

For everything to be smooth and successful, right now, write down the necessary information:

  • The sequence of KYC steps follows the instructions below.

  • Personal information: Full name, date of birth, address (as shown on documents, ID number (or citizen identification, …).

  • Postal code (listed below).

#5. KYC is correct when receiving the notification

Pi Core Team is working hard to develop its own KYC solution, for as many Pioneers as possible.Currently, there are 2 criteria for KYC:

  • “Line up” (only 50 Slots per country daily). The purpose is to help PCT complete the trial version of KYC that is being released.

  • Receive KYC notifications on the app (for eligible members selected by PCT).

Previously, Pi Network KYC through the 3rd application, YOTI. But now Pi core team has been perfecting the system's own KYC method, through Pi Browser and verified by the community .

#6. Depends on the validation rate of the validator

PCT has given KYC authentication authority to the community of each country.When the rate of validators is higher than the allowed rate, your KYC application will be approved.For example, PCT setup if sending verification application to 5 people and 3 people verifying your information are eligible, your KYC application will be considered and approved.Of course, this is just one of the steps in the KYC algorithm developed by PCT.Next I will suggest you:

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How to get KYC early

Maybe Pi Core Team understands our impatience so they shared how to get KYC early. That is:

  • Interact, actively support in the chat room.

  • Join running Pi Node.

  • Regularly visit kyc.pi on Pi browser to "flash" the KYC slot.

  • Install full circle of security.

  • Full verification information (phone number, password, email, facebook).

  • Set Pi lock ratio on mainnet.

  • Create a Wallet on Pi Brower, generate a key for the wallet (important).

  • “Due to accommodation”, luck, kkkk…

Actually, when the above steps to send a request get KYC earlier, I'm not sure.

But when you have a chance, you should give it a try!

And then the day of receiving the KYC notification also came…

Latest Pi Network KYC Sequence (updated 12/2022)

Currently Piooners can KYC on Pi Browser.If you do not have Pi Browser installed, download it on CH Play (Android) and App Store (Iphone).Note: To display utilities on the browser (wallet, kyc, chat, blockchain, ...) you need to log in to your Pi Network account on Pi Browser.First I want you to note the following important things:

  • When you open the Pi app and receive a notification, immediately click "Open Pi Brower". Because if you don't click on KYC for more than 15 minutes, you will lose your turn.

  • Be calm, choose a place with enough light, quiet, prepare documents with expiry date.

  • When taking photos of documents, keep the phone horizontal.

  • No horizontal exit during KYC.

  • Look up the Zip Code (postal code) of the province in advance (written on the paper).

You can hover your mouse over the Zip Code to find your city code or access the Country Postal Code . (To find you, enter the name of the province, select the postal code in the first row (usually the Central Post Office of the province …).Let's start.

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#Step 1: Start KYC

Note: first you have to go to Apple Store or Google play Store to download Pi browser.

When you receive a notification on the Pi Network application, click Open Pi Browser .If you have not received the notification, you can regularly open the Pi Browser app to earn KYC slots. By:

  • Open Pi Browser and select KYC.pi icon.

  • Or enter kyc.pi in the address bar.

KYC on Pi BrowserIf you receive a message like the image above, please wait for the next KYC test.

#Step 2: Choose the type of document to KYC

Select KYC documents

  • (1) Click ALLOW to agree to share information such as Pi account (auth, username, roles, ...).

  • (2) Check the box "I agree to share my data with this app only" (I agree to share data for this application only).

  • (3) Drag to select Vietnam.

  • (4) In the ID type section is the type of document used for KYC including Passport (passport), ID Card (national identity card), Citizen ID (citizen identification), Driver License (driving license), Other (other papers).

  • (5) Click Let's go to go to the next step.

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#Step 3: Take and send a photo of your identity document

Send a photo of the front and back of the document (hold it across the phone to take)

Send photos of documents

  • (6) Click I'm ready.

  • (7) Click + Add front photo to send a photo of the front of the document.

  • (8) Click Next step to go to the next step.

  • (9) Click + Add back photo to send a photo of the back of the document (passport does not need to take a photo of the back).

  • (10) Click Next step to go to the next step.

#Step 4: Enter personal information

Fill in personal information

  • (11) Name: Your first and middle (capital) name, for example: VAN A.

  • (12) Subname: Your last name (capitalized), eg: NGUYEN .

  • (13) Gender: Male: Male, Female: Female.

  • (14) Full address: Full address as on paper, for example: 123 Quang Trung, Ward A, District B, Ho Chi Minh City .

Note: There are cases where the address will be detailed. Like:

  • Address Line 1: Enter the address of the permanent establishment as shown on the paper, including house number, street name or hamlet, commune (ward), district (district). For example: 123 Quang Trung, Ward A, District B.

  • Address Line 2: This option is optional (not required).

  • City: Enter county (district or town): Example: District B.

  • State/Provine: Province (city). Example: Ho Chi Minh.

  • Country of Residence: Country. Example: Vietnam.

  • (*) Also if there is a Zip/Postal Code: Enter the postal code (postal code) of the province. For example, HCM is 70000 .

  • (15) Date of birth: Date of birth. You enter in year-month-day order (yyyy-mm-dd), for example 1990-01-01. Or follow the suggested structure.

  • (16) ID number: The ID number of the document. CCCD is Number / No, Pass port is Passport number / Passport no, ID card is Number, Driving License is Number / No, etc.

  • (17) Click Next step to go to the next step.

#Step 5: Take a selfie of your face

There will usually be 1 of 3 forms of face verification (for the purpose of comparing with the printed card image on the document):

  • Selfie face with papers.

  • Or selfie 3 face states.

  • Or liveness 2 face photos.

Hint: To take a Selfie without being reversed:

  • On Android: Open front camera -> Go to Settings -> Front camera mirror -> Off

  • On iOS: Go to Settings -> Scroll down to Camera -> Mirror Front Camera -> Off

Here I will guide all 3 forms, so that when you encounter any type you can easily manipulate.

Currently, PCT is implementing the third form: Face Liveness.

The video below briefly describes the KYC steps (Vietnamese subtitles are recommended).

Now let's see each way in turn!

If the face liveness when KYC Pi

  • (18) Click Start recording to begin.

  • (19) Look directly at the front camera.

Liveness face when KYC

  • Stay in place, the app will count down 3-2-1 and automatically take a photo.

Liveness taking pictures of facesAfter taking pictures, the software automatically moves to the next item.

Liveness laughs when verifying

  • (20) Look directly at the camera and smile (Smile).

  • The application will automatically record (record, capture).

  • Click submit your photo.

Successfully sent, the message will look like:

Complete KYC and wait for notification from PCT

If selfie face status

Selfie face statusFace photography

  • (18) Click I'm ready to get started.

  • (19) Look straight into the camera and smile.

Take a photo of your face status

  • (20) Open mouth (stick out tongue).

  • (21) Looking straight at the selfie.

  • (22) Click Submit to send the photo.

Confirm sending information to KYC

  • (23) Click Yes to submit KYC information.

If you take a photo with the document

Selfie with papersTake photos with documents:

  • (18) Click I'm ready to start taking pictures with documents. You should note that you should not wear hats, glasses or other items that cover your face.

  • (19) Grab the papers and start taking pictures by adjusting the width, sharpness directly on the app.

  • (20) Click Submit to complete KYC and submit information to the system.

Now wait for the community to validate and announce the KYC results!

Become a validator to support KYC

PCT updated the KYC algorithm and empowered the community in each country to authenticate.Thereby, Pioneers who have been KYC can authenticate for KYC applications submitted to the server. And be rewarded with the corresponding Pi number.To authenticate, open Pi Brower, go to KYC.pi and start becoming a validator:

  • Confirm the type of document is ID card or CCCD, Driver's License, Passport of Vietnam?

  • Is the document image clear?

  • Face photo on paper and selfie is the same person?

  • Is the Liveness clear, like the photo?

Become a KYC validatorJoin the validation to increase the number of KYC verified members and earn more Pi!


Whether KYC is through a 3rd party or by the community, Pi Core Team always strives to complete for millions of accounts in the future.So we do not need to be impatient, the first thing to do is to patiently "dig pi" daily, build support for our team to increase the speed and number of accumulated pi coins.Wish you get KYC soon!

Questions when KYC Pi Network

Here are some questions many people ask during the implementation process.

After KYC, how long does it take for Pi coin to return to the wallet?

Settlement: Up to 14 days, a valid amount of Pi will be sent to the wallet. But the user only has pi available to trade about 1% of the pi in the wallet for each week.

Why can't sending KYC be sent?

Solution: You Back (go back) to the previous steps or exit KYC from the beginning. P/S: this way is not always successful. You can also submit reports to the Pi Core Team.

Is there KYC for Pioneers without ID?

Settlement: Currently PCT is developing a KYC feature for kids. But if your child already has a Passport, you should try KYC.

If the network is stopped or the data download fails, what to do?

Solution: Maybe because too many people are doing it, you should do it more than once or go back to the previous steps and do it again.

Why do some new people get KYC earlier than long players?

Settlement: PCT will choose a random KYC slot, but still give early priority to those who are active. You should click lightning daily and go to kyc.pi at times of low activity such as early morning, midday to win slots.

Pi Browser báo lỗi “Sorry, your browser does not support getUserMedia API”?

Solution: This error is common on iphone phones (IOS) with low lines from Iphone 8 and below. You should update the iOS operating system to the new version or change your phone to Android.

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