xTer TrueAD

xTER TrueAd New way to plan and run online advertising


Plus Ad-management

  • Based on xTER SmartFilter router

  • Full browsing data for connected devices

  • Location-based focus groups

  • No click-driven incentives = uninfluenced data

  • With option for AI-added management of Ad's and URL's on user device

How it works

Growing and synergetic

Ecosystem that builds success

  • Focus groups are based on growing community of xTER SmartfFilter and xTER Home/Office users

  • xTER TrueAd collects anonymized personal data from users, location info, browsing & clicking history and tech spec's of connected devices

  • Ad's & URL's on user devices can be managed by AI as requested by corporate clients of xTER or according to preferences of xTER users

  • Participating users get rewards in SkyPirl

Why it is great

New & different approach

True, efficient and going on way

  • is driven by synergies of xTER Ecosystem

  • Fact-based, unaffected and relevant data

  • Global and diversified network of focus groups

  • Audience can be selected as required

  • Own vehicle to by-pass rules set by global vendors of online advertising

  • AI is already added

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