Ever heard of Decentralized Charity Fund?



Ever heard of Decentralized Charity Fund? Why do people gradually no longer trust each other when charity work is increasingly lacking in transparency? And the decentralized charity was born to solve this problem. Currently, we are researching on blockchain features to apply to charity and more openly and transparently.

  1. Decentralized charity fund for businesses and large organizations: When using decentralized treasury. Decentralized treasury is not managed by 1 person but will be managed by many people at the same time, and it is impossible for any individual to get money from the treasury, including hackers and its creators, so the treasury becomes impregnable. Currently we are working on a decentralized treasury of 13 managers, you can only get money from the treasury when you make 1 proposal and get a consensus vote of 8/13 vault managers silver then you can get money from the treasury successfully.

  2. Decentralized Personal Charity: This has been proven for many years, as long as you use a crypto wallet like ETH. all money (USD) deposited and transferred will be public on the blockchain, and you cannot fake the data, and no statement is required. Anyone can check account balance

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