Business Paradigm R-H

The Room-House meeting room operates 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Zoom only allows one meeting that lasts 40 minutes, or limits up to 30 hours, and the online meeting may be terminated after 40 minutes to 30 hours.

Here lies a great advantage - there is no time or traffic limit in Room-House.

And in the future the demand for no-limits internet will only be growing.

People will work more online instead of going to the office in person.

Room-House is a perfect online meeting room where like in a --real-- house, people can work together, enjoy music or a movie together.

People don't have to worry about the end of time and can loop their videos forever.

Room-House is different from Zoom in organizing the room space.

While Zoom will display a lot of faces in the room, Room-House thinks it is not the ideal solution. This may have a negative impact on the meeting.

Also, you will have to use high-speed internet to load all data from all video streams.

If you use mobile 4G/5G you will run out of data in no time, and your computer or phone also gets hot and slow when used for a long time.

Room-House is eco-friendly because it organizes the meeting in a way that saves electricity and other computer resources.

If you want to activate your camera in the room online, you just need to "raise your hand" by clicking the bell icon, the "Guru" user will hear your signal and approve it.

You will then be able your to activate your front or rear camera.

If you want to share screens, play music videos, documentaries, etc. you will need an "AUTH" account in the room. Ask the "Guru" for such an account, and it will be ready for you in about a minute.

Room-House is very fast by design. You will save a lot of time by following our "Guru" room concept.

Room-House is very user-friendly by adding a feature to change the ringtone for receiving a "raise of hand" signal.

The "Guru" can change the ringtone to his favorite music and will not miss any "raise of hand" signals.

The "raise of hand" signal is like a phone call, and even though the "guru" is far away, he still hears it and uses a mobile, or returns to his desk.

Or you can change to a low sound ringtone when you are not afraid to miss the call. This is an extremely important feature when you work online for a long time.


Decentralized anonymity, you don't need to create an account profile, or connect to email, facebook, twitter, google.etc. so you don't have an account profile so no personal data loss, avoid spam.

When using a Zoom account, you will be very tired because Zoom only allows you to use 1 account on 1 computer, phone, or does not allow you to use 1 account to join 2 or more meetings at the same time, you have to leave the old room to join the new room. With Room-House you do not need to worry too much because you do not need to create an account, you can join many meetings at the same time on 1 computer or phone. To join a room you just need to enter your name if the room is open, or enter the password if the room is locked. SkyPirl Pirl Rumhaus

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