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SkyPirl Light Wallet

Step1: Click "Add Account"
Step2: Fill in the information completely and copy the private key
Step3: Download the json file. This is the only file to recover the wallet
Step4: If you want to transfer coins to another wallet, you must add the recipient's wallet address to the contact list
___Step4.1: Fill in the information and wallet address to add to your contact
Step5: select the wallet list in the contact list to transfer coins
Step1: To restore your wallet click on "Restore json"
Step2: You click on search to select the file Json to recover, in which folder do you save the Json file, you go there to find it, then enter the wallet password to log back into the old wallet
Note: You will have to pay 0.01 Pirl coin to activate 1 new wallet.

SkyPirl(Pirl) Rumhaus