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What is SafeContainer?


xTER SafeContainer is a new technology to safely deliver and deploy software via Internet to your home or office computer. When inside the Container, tampering and theft is not possible.

WiFi router

xTER Router fixes security issues with family and office WiFi. Educational centers, too. Always on the safe side of the internet.

Video surveilliance

xTER Home turns on AI to detect objects and instantly report to you. Feels safe to check in home.

Office work

Good old days are back with xTER Office. Have your own office chat, videoconference and videomail, safe and secure. No clouds or external accounts.

Save your work

Your custom xTER SafeContainer: you name it, we pack it. All the precious things you want to be in one safe place.

xTER Router

at home, work, at school or on a tour, be always in control!

  • use your old 2Gb laptop from the attic as a protected WiFi router;

  • no working screen, hard disk or keyboard required;

  • set the router's blacklist/whitelist policy from your mobile;

  • enable antiTOR and zero connectivity for TOR browsers;

  • log traffic and content on per user/per IP basis;

  • explore other options of a safe WiFi router.

With minimal configuration get the most effective control over your WiFi network. Go for it - download xTER Router FREE from our depot!

xTER Home

includes the artificial intelligence realtime object detection module. It analyzes video streams from the attached webcams and detects objects as they appear, logs events in a journal and instantly notifies the host with email or SMS.

Artifical intelligence is a growing sphere of influence. We are providing our SafeContainer technology to ensure no other but the hosts will be able to communicate with their AI.

The xTER Home (*) supports two webcams and has an object detection module with a plugin to log the detected realtime events into a database, with a timestamp of object snapshots.

Get xTER Home free at the download page - (*) Also includes xTER Router.

Try xTER Home live demo at this link. Please request for the password at our Telegram channel.

xTER Office

enhance the jobs at the office with a free media server:

  • office workers CRUD in streamline mode;

  • exchange videomail as well as normal mail;

  • chat with other workers both in normal and video chat rooms;

  • control over the office WiFi with xTER Router capabilities;

  • use AI guards everywhere to provide the best security;

  • corporate mail and proxy to save traffic;

  • explore other options of the safe xTER Office.

With minimal configuration get the most effective control over your Office network. Go for it - download xTER Office 30 days FREE TRIAL on demand we provide live @Telegram channel!


We are ready to provide a scope of SafeContainers which vary in complexity and pricing. We'd like to offer some of these containers FREE:

xTER Router

$0per year

  • Your home/office WiFi router

  • Block undesired content

  • Log the access data

  • Allow all ToR connections

  • Allow darknet/drugnet

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xTER Home

$35.90per year

  • Stream from webcams in protected channels

  • Object detection in real time by AI

  • Logging all detected events

  • Instant report on specified objects

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xTER Office

$119.90per year

  • No-cloud/no-Zoom approach

  • Videoconference on your own

  • Corporate videomail

  • Antispam/Antivirus

  • Artificial intelligence

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