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White Paper


Free and easy decentralized internet for everyone to use

Install free decentralized meeting rooms around the world. Each individual is a personal computer use and install an R-H node, everyone can earn SkyPirl coin for free.
Why is R-H free for everyone?
Like Facebook, Tiktok, Youtobe all services are free, they make money from services such as advertising. While R-H allows anyone to use on their personal computer, R-H's revenue is using SkyPirl coin as a payment method to collect fees.
When people use R-H, there will be basic features such as using the front camera and screen sharing
Paid features:
_Stream mp4 videos: music, movies, videos
_Give away Skypirl coins for your favorite videos in the room
_The room owner can optionally install when anyone who wants to enter the room has to pay a fee with skypirl coin to join the room
_Room naming service, room name in the form For example, your room default name is . If you want to change your name to your brand like, you will have to buy Skypirl to pay a monthly fee to maintain the service. Users can also change the name as they please, but must pay a fee in skypirl coin.
_Connect rooms using your own domain name. If you have a domain name like then you can use Link to enter your room. and you have to pay with SkyPirl coin
Like the decentralized exchange like Uniswap and pancake, the decentralized meeting room R-H Uses SkyPirl coin as the project's own token. The project uses SkyPirl as its sole currency for services, which increases the value of SkyPirl coin. SkyPirl coin holders have the right to join the council, and vote on the project's policies. R-H does not use fiat currency to pay for services, you can only use SkyPirl coin to pay for it.
2025-2030: your personal computer configuration will be more and more powerful, like in 2022 a mid-range computer about $ 700 will have 8Gb Ram and 8-core i5 CPU. But in 2025 to 2030 your low-cost personal computer configuration will have 16Gb to 128Gb Ram and 16 to 64 core CPU, this will make your room meeting more crowded in one room
It's very complicated to install an R-H node right now, so we'll make it easier for everyone to use in the future.
In the future investment funds want to own shares of R-H, they must buy SkyPirl coin. And SkyPirl coin is the shares of the project
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