Cooperation between Room-House and Russian State Social University

Over the past year, has been training cooperation relationship with Universities, Colleges, and Business Community in Russia. R-H identifies the link between Universities, Colleges, and Enterprises as a popular trend and inevitably needs to be replicated in the context of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. This linkage brings practical benefits to the parties, thereby creating many opportunities for future cooperation.

Specifically, in spring of 2022, R-H has had a short term and no-bidding contract with a university in Russia to provide a much needed decentralized meeting room service for the university - see it online at, and in the picture above. As of July, 2002, a test room has been designed and setup. The next step will be 10 more rooms working in parallel for online classes and lectures.

Official name: Российский государственный социальный университет, abbreviated as РГСУ)

English name: Russian State Social University

Address: 107076, г. Москва, ул. Стромынка, д. 18, Moscow is a project attracting scientists working at Russian universities. So we can aspire for contracts with many universities. In the next phase, R-H will expand its business in corporate companies in Russia and the world, R-H will spend more money on advertising and marketing.

In the future when R-H has a large community and number of customers, R-H will list to all exchanges its SkyPirl(Pirl) coin, and will also account for basic R-H services with SkyPirl(Pirl) coin, this will help increase the value of SkyPirl coin.

The SkyPirl(Pirl) Network is a self-sustaining and self-funding blockchain ecosystem not funded by pre-mined coins or an ICO. You can only get Pirl coin from airdrop or run 1 validator node now.

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