How to Create a Pi Wallet


  1. Before you can access your Pi Wallet, please download the new “Pi Browser” app from the iOS App Store or Android Play Store. Please make sure that you download the “Pi Browser” developed by Pi Community Company. To ensure you download the correct app, you can also complete this step later by following the steps below.

  2. Open the Pi Network mining app (the original app that you use for mining Pi).

    1. This will open either the Pi Browser and automatically sign you in if you’ve downloaded the Pi Browser,or to the app store where you can install Pi Browser then open it.

    2. For some Android users, it will open a link in the phone’s default browser instead of the Pi Browser, so you may need to open the Pi Browser app itself.

  3. To sign in to Pi related apps on Pi Browser, the simplest way is through the mining app as instructed in the last step. However, independently you can also directly sign into the Pi Browser by entering mine.pi in the URL field of the Pi Browser, and then tap on "Use other sign-in methods" and enter your Pi Network credentials.

  4. After signing into the Pi Browser, you will see a welcome page with the “wallet.pi” icon.

  5. Click on the “wallet.pi” icon.

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How to Use the Pi Wallet

After you have logged into your Pi Wallet, you will see the Balance page. A new wallet will contain 100 Test-Pi. Remember Test-Pi is not the real Pi, does not have value and is only for testing purposes.

  1. To send Test-Pi, tap on the orange “SEND” button. On the Send Test-Pi page,

    1. In “Recipient Address” enter the wallet address of the recipient that you would like to send Test-Pi. (In the future, a new optional feature will enable you to send test-Pi with username only.)

    2. In “Amount”, enter the amount of Test-Pi you want to send.

    3. In “Fee”, the minimum fee right now for Pi Testnet is 0.01 Test-Pi, which is the default. You may increase the fee if you would like to have your transaction prioritized during times of high traffic.

    4. Note: The balance of the wallet cannot go below 20 Test-Pi. So, an attempt to transfer an amount that would result in a balance below 20 Test-Pi will not be successful. Instructions on how to request for more Test-Pi can be found under the “Receive” button.

  2. When you tap on the History link,

    1. You will have a list of all the historical incoming and outgoing transactions from your wallet. The same transaction history was recorded on Pi Testnet blockchain.

  3. When you tap on the Settings link,

    1. You can associate a biometric identification login solution to your wallet, if you have not yet done so. e.g. If your phone has the capability, you can use your Fingerprint (Android) or Touch ID/Face ID (iOS) to access your Passphrase and log into your wallet.

    2. You can find your Passphrase by tapping the “SHOW” button. Please remember to keep your Passphrase private. Do not share the Passphrase.

  4. To find your wallet address, click on the "Receive" button.

    1. Currently, you can now share your wallet address by tapping “COPY” and then sharing it with whoever wants to send you Test-Pi, e.g. pasting it to a text or email message.

    2. In the future, there will be a feature to share the wallet address through your choice of communication solution (social media, email…) with the future "SHARE" button. Remember that the blockchain is publicly visible, so you may share your wallet address publicly, while your wallet will still be secure.

  5. If you have sent out all your Test-Pi and want to continue testing transactions, you may request for another 100 Test-Pi by tapping the link at the bottom of either the Send or Receive page. This option is available every 48 hours and if you have less than 50 Test-Pi.

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