Stream video from R-H to Youtube

Stream key

Step 1: You go to Youtube studio , Facebook, then you click copy "stream key"

Setting OBS studio

Step 1: you click "setting", then click "stream" and click "user stream key". Then you paste the code "stream key" click "Apply" and click "OK"

Step 2: You turn on your R-H meeting room browser

Step 3: you go to OBS studio, under "Sources" you click on "+" and select "Audio" and "Window capture"

After you click on "Window capture" a new window will appear click on "window" and find your meeting room browser window.

If you can't find the browser window, go back to the browser and open the meeting room, then exit "window capture" and click "window capture" then choose again

Step 4: After completing the setting, click "Start Streaming" to start streaming video SkyPirl Pirl Rumhaus

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