Video recording tutorial + camera + mp4 video download

A: Install browser extension

Step 1: go to the Chrome web store, Firefox Add ons , Microsoft Edge Add ons click "Extensions" and type "Screen Recorder" into the search box.


Step 2: you choose 3rd party video recording software

Step 3: After selecting the appropriate software, click "add to chrome"

Step 4: A new window appears, click "Add Extension"

Step 5: To start recording video, click on Extension and click on the added video recording software.

Step 6: You choose the right parameters for video recording such as screen sharing, combining the front camera and audio, the video quality you want to record.

Note: You should turn off the sound in the "Sound Tab" section

Step 7: To pause video recording, click "Pause" or resume recording click "Resume"

Step 8: To stop recording the video completely, click "Stop"

Step 9: After you click "Stop" a new window will appear, click on download MP4 video, or edit the video before downloading.

B: Simultaneously use the screen sharing feature in Room-House combined with the screen sharing feature of the browser extension

Step 1: On the browser, click Extension, and click on the browser's screen recording application

Step 2: You choose screen recording parameters such as microphone, front camera, etc. and click "Start Recording"

This is the image when you use screen recording in combination with the front camera, when using a browser extension.

Step 3: Go to Room-House and click on the room name twice. when the room name turns blue. you click on the Video Play Icon

Step 4: A new window will appear, click Share

Note: to incorporate screen sharing with microphones in Room-House, you must see a microphone icon. or If you want to turn off the microphone, click on the microphone icon SkyPirl Pirl Rumhaus

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