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What is Room-House software?
Room-House is the world's first decentralized online meeting platform, using WebRTC protocol and Blockchain technology that allows many people to be connected over long distances. Provided that the user needs to be equipped with at least one electronic mobile device, such as a computer, tablet or smartphone
Your media decentralized meeting room will look like this
You will be given the option of an arbitrary name according to your brand.
1 Name +1 Host. The more CPU power you have, the more people and videos your decentralized meeting room will hold.
If you want to Free Trial decentralized media platform, We have a dedicated room for you to use Guru features
7 Highlights of the application
1 Video meeting with HD picture quality, high quality sound helps users to conduct online meetings with HD picture and sound quality, helping each meeting go smoothly and without interruption. The application also supports up to 100 viewers in each meeting, and up to 8 videos are displayed on the meeting's common display.
2 Real-time multimedia sharing
While participating in the meeting, people can share content on their phone screens or share photos, charts, web pages, document files right at the time of the online meeting. That is, if the person's device has any interaction, the participant's frame on the meeting page will change immediately. People can comfortably share ideas on the screen of their devices easily without worrying about geographical distance.
3 Directly send text messages
Users can send messages right in the meeting. This feature helps members comfortably communicate with each other.
4 Support to connect members on multi-device platforms
Whether you are using an Android or iOS phone, or you are using a Windows laptop or a lightweight Macbook, is there for you and is waiting for you on any smart device. All users will be able to connect with each other without any limitation on the device operating system platform.
With the above outstanding advantages, deserves to be at the top of applications in the business and enterprise categories. also regularly releases updates to optimize the application and increase the experience, as well as towards the safety of customers when using its services. Let's invite everyone to use this application to improve work efficiency and organize cloud meetings in the digital age!
5 No need to download just use the browser
You can use Room-House on any browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge on any operating system like windows, Android, IOS, Linux, etc. without installing any program or app.
6 Confidentiality of meeting information
Cabinet Lock: in a private meeting room, you can lock your room to ensure it is not disturbed by other people. Combined with the show of hands feature, when attendees will have to wait for the host to approve that they can play online videos, share screens, and use cameras for added security.
7 Room-House can create meetings that last 24/7 and 365 days a year.
It's very comfortable when a room can last forever over time, this is one of the biggest advantages for Room-House to compete with centralized platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, etc.

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