Connect Pirl wallet to Room-House

Step1: You click on "CREATE"

Step 2: Click on create a new account, if you already have a wallet, click on recover account

Detailed instructions on creating an account and recovering your account can be found HERE

Step 3: After creating a wallet or restoring a wallet, to link an account with Room-House you must ensure that it has at least 0.011 Pirl coins on your wallet. Continue you transfer 0.01 Pirl from your account to Room-House service account. 0.01Pirl coin is the service fee of the dapp to link your account

Step 4: This is the image after you successfully connected the wallet. To copy someone else's wallet address to donate coins, click on the recipient's small circle, then go to your wallet to donate coins.

NOTE: you should not clear the login browser cache, because each time you clear it you will lose 0.01Pirl coin to reconnect the wallet. After successful wallet connection, when you play video in Room-House you and everyone will get 10% Pirl coin of your Room_House node SkyPirl Pirl Rumhaus

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