Use camera beautification App when livestream

A. To add more fun to online lessons on a number of platforms, Snap Camera is one of the great apps with the help of filters, effects, and filters for you to choose from.
Step 1: Download Snap Camera software HERE.
Step 2: After the installation is complete, open the snap camera application and see if it is connected to the camera, and choose your favorite effect.
Step 3: you access the room-house and click on the video playback icon, a new window will appear asking what camera software you use, then click on snap camera
This is the image after successfully connecting R-H with snap camera app
Note: you should choose Firefox browser to use the beautification feature and connect to "snap camera app"
B. Fix "No available camera input" error
Step 1: Click on Settings
Step 2: Click "View"
Step 3: Click "clear selected"
Step 4: Go to the in the right corner of the window, click on "snapcamera" and click "Quit"
Note: you must exit all applications or browsers in use. then enable snapcamera. Good luck SkyPirl Pirl Rumhaus