Cabinet Lock account

CabinetLock will have 4 accounts: level 1 Guru Account and level 2 Guru Account, user UTH, normal User

Level 1 Guru Account: Have admin rights for 1 Room-House node, have the right to create Level 2 Guru accounts, lock cabinets, create AUTH accounts. And get to use all the features

Level 2 Guru Account: Full use of meeting room features such as locker lock, AUTH User add, video playback, screen sharing, but no rights to change the room's information.

Normal User: When the room is unlocked, everyone has access to your room. Normal User only has a view as a spectator, and cannot use any features. Only when the Normal user gives a signal to raise his hand and is approved by the Guru User will he be able to fully use the features in the meeting room.

AUTH user: is the account created by Guru account level 1 and level 2. and when your meeting room is locked, only AUTH user has permission to enter the room. The AUTH user is the same as the normal user, in order to use the features, you must raise your hand to be approved by the Guru user.

1. To create an AUTH user account, you just need to click on the "+" icon then click on the name to change the favorite name bar.

2. To create a level 2 Guru account. Just like creating an AUTH user account in the cabinet lock interface, click on the "+" icon then click on the square to become a Level 2 Guru. SkyPirl Pirl Rumhaus

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