Normal: everyone in one house will limit people and videos

Demo: The owner of the room will stand outside on the balcony, the audience will watch outside so you can have a grandstand of thousands of people watching at the same time.

Normal: is the normal meeting room mode, you can open the room, close the room. Users who want to enter the room just need to type the name for the normal user and the name + password for the Guru account

To move from Normal to Demo mode you just need to click on Normal, to open and close the room you click on the Lock icon

This is the image when you are in Demo mode

Difference between Normal and Demo mode

Normal mode will force users to log in, which will take a lot of time, while Demo mode will give users faster access to your room. Demo is an open mode, only Guru users have the right to play videos, normal users will be in audience mode, if they want to play videos, they will have to click on the bell icon to raise their hands. Only when approved by user Guru can normal users play videos

This is a picture of your room when switched to Demo mode. You just need to click on the Room-House logo to join the room

Note: To login the Guru user to the room while you are in DEMO mode you must go to the cabinetlock and switch back to Normal mode. After logging in, you switch back to DEMO mode to continue using

Cabinetlock User Manual:

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